Friday, August 13, 2010

Almost forgot!

So much went on today that I nearly forgot to write a poem for my challenge! Here it is. Hope you like it. ^_^

Today was just awesome. While my parents shopped at the Farmers Market (they have amazing prices on fruits and veggies), my siblings and I were dropped off at Faneuil Hall, and we had such a glorious time!

First we hung out at the awesome Newbury Comics store, where I read Flight Volume 7 (which was better than all the volumes before it! I definitely need to write a review of it later.) and had lots of fun looking at the hilarious novelty items for sale. The ice-cube trays were the best (left). Such wacky shapes!

Then we watched a hilarious show that a street performer (also known as a "busker") put on for us. I took a whole video of the performance, but it's so long that Blogger probably won't allow me to put it on. ~,~ I'm thinking that when I have the time, I'll put my pictures and movies up on Facebook, then I'll be able to link them for you to see.

After the busker show, we got some pizza at a very special place called "The Famous One." One look at the menu will probably tell you what makes it so famous.
Can you believe that we got an absolutely delicious large pepper and onion pizza pie for only 10 bucks? I loved it. ^_^ In my opinion, it was so much better than the pizza I had yesterday.

Ha, I just realized that today was Friday the 13th. ^_^ It certainly didn't feel like an unlucky day for me at all. In fact, I feel so lucky just to be back in this wonderful city. It's amazing how, year after year of visiting every summer, the fun never wears off of this place...

I'll try to write here tomorrow, though I wonder how often I should post blogs about my time in Boston... Definitely keep a tab on my poetry blog though, because that'll be sure to be updated daily. If I don't mess up, that is. 0,o

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