Friday, August 27, 2010


After 3 or 4 days of staying indoors most days because of pouring rain (only venturing out to go to a new Toastmasters meeting or the library or someplace else), I am so happy about how the weather has returned to it's full sunny splendor. ^_^ Technically, the rains stopped yesterday, but today the sky was absolutely cloudless! I'm serious. Weather-wise, it was just a perfect day.

The other day, at one of the Toastmasters meetings I visited with my brother and sister, I learned a new word which beautifully describes things now. Now I will teach it to you: Foudroyant. Basically it's an adjective that means "Stunning, dazzling, having an awesome and overwhelming effect." Certainly an appropriate word to pull out for such an occasion. ^_^ Here, I'll use it in an example:

The weather was absolutely foudroyant today.

I kind of regret not blogging for more than a week. A lot of stuff has happened in that space of time. I went to my 6th Toastmaster meeting yesterday, which was really nice. It reminded me the most of our club back home, I think. A little small, but well organized and with very friendly people running things. I look forward to going back to our club again. Maybe I'll do a new speech on the things I learned from going to different clubs...

This foudroyant afternoon (^_~) I went with my siblings on a tour of Emerson College. I remember seeing Emerson last year, when Annette and I went by ourselves for the summer, and I have the very same high opinion of this school as I had of it last year: Emerson is simply the best college EVER!

I'm still undecided about whether going to college will be in my future or not, but if I really wanted to, I know Emerson would be perfect for someone like me. It's totally a liberal arts school (I loved it when they talked about Writing, Literature and Publishing ^_^) and it's right next to the Boston Commons/ Public Gardens. For those who have never been to Boston, that's where the swan boats and the "Make Way For Ducklings" statues are.

Speaking of the Commons, I've been having an absolute blast going there! I believe I've gone 4 times, if you'll believe it. The animals at the Commons are famous for being extremely tame and eating peanuts out of your hands, so my siblings and I have been having such fun feeding the pigeons and squirrels. They are so cute!!! See the pics? ^_^

Not to hurt the pigeons' feelings, but I, personally, especially love interacting with the squirrels. ^_^ You only have to see the below videos to know why.

(You don't have to see them if you don't want to. But I ask you: who wouldn't want to see awww-some rodents with swishy tails doing bold and adorable stuff?)

Something else that I regret is that my poetry writing hasn't picked up since I last posted, which, for me, is sad. ~,~ I think the poems that I did manage to write were pretty decent, though. Not my best work, but I like them all the same.

Recently I've taken a new tack with my writing. Anyone who reads my book blog would know that I've gotten into short story anthologies. As a result, I got the inspiration to write my own short story. I don't believe I've finished it yet, but I know it's great. ^_^ I don't really want to talk about it on my blog (I'm nervous about story-thieves), but if anyone is genuinely interested and curious about it, I will be happy to share more details about it.

Hopefully this has been a foudroyant post for you to read. Maybe I've entertained you with my antics, maybe I've added a word to your vocabulary. In any case, you are now done reading this post. Don't worry. I'll try to write again soon. ^_~

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Silvergal said...

YOU are foudroyant! I loved your post today...xoxo