Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bye bye, birdies

This isn't really a picture of Sasha and Sammy, Annette and my 2 pet cockatiels. I just found this photo on Google Images and liked it a lot. They really look a lot like our boys, though. ^_^ I think the one on the right, looking down, would be Sammy, and the one on the left looking at him, all puffy, would be Sasha.

I'm really glad that we've found someone to mind our birds while my family and I go on our annual trip to Massachusetts. For a while, Annette and I were worried about who was going to care for our them, because a lot of the friends we'd asked were either going on vacation themselves or weren't up to the task. But now we're good. ^_^ Now I can properly look forward to going up Boston!

I think we might visit a couple Toastmasters clubs while we're up there. That'll be fun, seeing how other clubs run their meetings...

I'll probably use My Boston Travel blog to document my goings-on up there again. Just so those who are still reading my blog know that I'm not M.I.A. (Missing In Action.)

Recently, because of my newfound obsession with Jim Henson and all things Muppet, I've come to love this old show from the 90's, called "Dinosaurs." It is so hilarious! It reminds me of what the Simpsons would probably be like in the Jurassic period. ^_^ It's amazing how they got the characters to look so realistic. The baby is so cute and funny! He's voiced by Kevin Clash, the same guy who does Elmo (believe it or not). I highly recommend seeing it on YouTube.

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