Monday, August 9, 2010

8-9-10 ^_^

Ha ha. It's funny that today is like counting up to 10. ^_^

For once I've updated 3 of my blogs in the same morning. I feel quite accomplished. ^_^

I came up with (at least I think) an awesome poem. It was inspired by a long chat with a good friend of mine. I had so much fun! (Chatting and writing the poem) [LINK] ^_^

Just a couple days left before I go to Boston. I'm really excited. Forget what I said a couple posts ago. I think I'll stick with writing in this blog, not the Travel blog. I like this one a lot better. ^_^

*contented sigh* Ahhhh. Life is good. So good in fact, that I feel inclined to end every paragraph with a smiley. ^_^

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J.N. Future Author said...

8-9-10! Thats so awesome! I would never have noticed!!!!