Thursday, January 7, 2010


I took a walk near the end of the day
and at one point a stray
tortoiseshell cat came padding next to me
no collar did I see
His marvelous coat was speckled brown-black
I bent to scratch his back
He mewed and purred with obvious delight
his eyes were green and bright
As I straightened up he raced down the street
on soft furry feet
He didn't glance back, the tortoiseshell stray
so I went on my way.
There, my 7th and final poem! Yes! I'm sorry I was late in finishing the 7 poems in a week challenge I set myself, but I hope I've made up for it now. I actually did run into a cat on a walk with my sister today. I'm hoping she doesn't mind being excluded from my poem. =P

Additional news: We started shooting a couple scenes for a new Leslie & Kyle episode. It should be pretty funny. I can't make any predictions as to when it'll go public, but I'll keep you posted.


Silvergal said...

I like this poem...all 7 have been really great Bettina...I am so proud of you! Such a great writer...xoxo

Rainy said...

You like Tortoiseshells, don't you?

Yes, can't wait for the renewed Leslie & Kyle!