Sunday, January 10, 2010


Today makes it the 2nd official binary day, after January 1st, 2010. Get it? 1-1-10. Then tomorrow will be 1-11-10, and that will be the last completely binary date until October! I just find that fascinating.

Hmm, Jan 1st (1110) represents the binary number 14, but today (11010) makes 26, and tomorrow (11110) will mean 30. That's funny... Well, better savor it. There aren't going to be many of these special binary days around for long.

I'm certainly savoring it. Last night was the COLDEST night I've had to endure this year! ~,~ It was incredibly close to freezing! I wouldn't be surprised if it's the coldest night I've ever slept in my life. I am a Floridian! I'm not supposed to be cold! It's unbelievable... I'm wearing layers! Layers! My toes are ice, despite my fuzzy socks, and my fingertips feel numb just from typing this out. ~,~

A while ago, my extremely brave siblings ventured into the arctic outdoors on a walk to the supermarket, to buy a can of Pillsbury dough to make some warm, flaky biscuits with. Mmm. ^_^ Tonight will be a new episode of the Simpsons, so... YAY! I think there's also supposed to be this Simpsons 20th Anniversary special airing alongside it, so that's exciting!

More good news: I've written nearly 600 words for my Imazia story. I'm kind of starting the whole thing from scratch, because I think the beginning should be completely different. So this is a pretty big deal! I'm going to try and finish the first chapter now. Wish me luck. ^_~

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