Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I miss you

One of my best friends ever on Blogger, Jacoby (J.N. Future Author to you), is temporarily disconnected from the world. He doesn't know for how long, so I'm feeling quite sad. I'll get over it, and he'll probably be back before I know it. But still... ~,~

There are so many things that make me think of Jacoby. Chopsticks, moths, oatmeal, clouds, sushi, Fireflies, sunshine... he's one of the coolest people that I've never even met. I'm really going to miss his online presence.

On a brighter note, last night I watched the last Miyazaki film I hadn't seen yet, Porco Rosso. It's a little different from his other movies, in that the main character is a man with a pig face instead of a spunky heroine, but it was definitely a classic. ^_^ I don't know how I ever missed out on Hayao Miyazaki's masterpieces before now, but I'm glad I'm up to speed. I sure hope he makes more movies soon, to follow Ponyo.

Also, there's only 24 more hours separating me from meeting famous British author, Jasper Fforde! I hope someone else on here knows who I'm talking about. He wrote the Thursday Next series and two Nursery Crime books, and he's touring America because he wrote a new book called Shades of Grey. I can't believe he's coming to Florida! I'm so happy that I'm not going to miss out on this opportunity. Look out for more news tomorrow.

Once again, I miss you, Jacoby.

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