Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's my Blogaversary! Yay!

I can't believe it! Today marks the first whole year that I've spent blogging! ^_^ (Annette claims she made up the word "blogaversary" in her blog, but I'm not so sure about that.) It's just incredible! I feel like I've been doing this blog thing forever! Of course, I haven't exactly been posting a lot this month, which I feel slightly guilty about. In my next Blogger year, I resolve to do a lot less procrastinating and posting whenever I have something particularly special to say.

In honor of this special occasion, this will be my brand new background image. I believe I'll keep this one for a while. ^_^ I think it fits me, doesn't it? A bright, pink-loving individual among the... uh, masses. Never mind. I've added a history of my backgrounds to my sidebar, btw. Just for me, so I can remember all my blog's past looks.

Perhaps I should change some other things about my blog. My profile could use an update. Maybe I'll just use that elf picture I use to depict my character Flora. I love that!

Hey, and do you guys still like the title "My First Blog... Ever!"? I think after a full year, this being my first blog is kind of old news. Hmm... how about "The Majik of Magenta"? Or "The Story of My Life"? I like those two... Any ideas or opinions on this matter?

Wow, 1 whole year. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days, that I have actually been blogging. In that amount of time I've learned so much, and have made many friendships that I believe will last a long time. It's so awesome! I remember how I used to think blogs meant online journals, and I thought it was weird that people would actually want to share personal details with the world. Now I'm one of those crazy people! ^_^

Man, you should go back and see my first ever post here. How inexperienced and prolific I was. Ha! (Well, I suppose I'm still quite prolific, but still.) Hey, you know what? Tonight I went to the exact same holiday home-school party at Ramona's house that I went to last year! I can't believe she had it on the same day. Weird, huh? This year the kids saw "Night at the Museum 2" instead of "Wall*E". (ha ha. *blush* Also weird is that I was aware of J. N. Future Author's existence from the very beginning. =P It's almost a year since we've been official friends... yikes.)

Once again, I am eternally grateful to the awesome James Dashner, because he is the guy who is ultimately responsible for my joining the "blogosphere" in the first place. Thanks, Dashner Dude, for authoring a totally rad blog, in addition to all your incredible books. You're the greatest!


Q said...

Annette may have invented "blogaversary" on her blog, but I've seen "bloggingversary" in many places (and it's what I use).

Rainy said...

I love that elf picture. The elf is one of my favorite mythical creatures (ask anyone, I'm obsessed).

So happy blogaversary!

(The Majik of Magenta sounds cool to me. The other one is sort of over used, though it does fit nicely. That's just my opinion.)

Magenta said...

Thanks, Q and Rainy, for coming by and being happy for my blogaversary. ^_^

I appreciate your opinion, Rainy. Maybe I will change it.

Brian said...

Happy blogaversary!