Thursday, December 24, 2009

So random! ^_^

Ha ha ha. I just found this hilarious site that generates the most random cat names! See, my sister drew the most adorable black cat (maybe she'll let me post a picture of it later. No, this isn't it. This kitty's real) and we were trying to come up with a name for him, because he looks so lifelike that a masterpiece like it deserves a name. We couldn't think of one good enough for him, so I looked on Google for help. You have got to check out this link!!!

It's so funny. We could have been there for hours, I bet, just laughing at all the names that came up every 3 seconds. And you're even able to suggest your own kitty name on the left. I suppose that's how there's such a variety. ^_^ *stifles a giggle* In the end, Annette called her black kitten Pitch, which suits him quite well, I guess. But anyway, the cat name generator is just so funny. And it doesn't just have to be cat names. I personally see it as a treasure-trove of fictional character names.

It's a hilarious diversion, in any case. Better than TV, by far.

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