Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Almost my bro's B-day!

Yes, I am very proud and excited that Adam, my hilarious and totally awesome brother, is going to turn 12 in a couple of days. ^_^ In honor of that, tonight, after we went to the theater (we saw The Men who Stare at Goats), we swung over by Walmart and, with the $25 gift card Adam won for his Edward Scissorhands costume back in Halloween, got a 2-disc special edition of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Yeah! Doncha know that it came out today?

It's a little late, so we haven't seen the movie just yet. Instead we saw a bunch of the special features. Totally AWESOME! This is the one to get. This DVD edition, right here. You've already seen it in the theater, haven't you? It's the juicy bonus stuff you ought to go for. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. ^_^

I really need to work on my brother's birthday card now! =P

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