Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Okay, I've got some good news and some bad news...
Bad news: The Toastmasters meeting Annette and I were supposed to go to this afternoon was cancelled at the last minute. This person was out of town, that person got a nasty cold, another called and had car trouble, so the woman in charge of organizing meetings, Salena, called us and told us not to bother coming, because you can't run a Toastmasters meeting with just 4 people. Next week's meeting is cancelled as well, because it's so close to Christmas and New Year's Eve, and people will be away with their families and celebrating. Man, what a surprise. And I was all set and geared up to give my Icebreaker Speech, too. ~,~

Good news: I don't have to give my Icebreaker Speech today!!! Whoo-hoo! ^___^ The pressure is off! Ha ha ha! Now I have 2 more whole weeks to practice, and it'll be the year 2010 when I do it, not 2009 anymore! I'm so excited. ^_^ Boy, I almost feel guilty for feeling so happy for this sudden turn of events, because Annette had to endure such panicky butterflies in her stomach before her speech. Why couldn't something like this have happened to her? Oh well, I suppose I'm just lucky! Hee hee. ^_^ More good news, today we'll be making our homemade pizza, and since Annette and I won't be away at Toastmasters now, we can help our dad and brother make it! Yay, pizza!

I also wanted to say that today is a pretty special day, because it marks a full year since I made my first true Blogger friend. He taught me how to make a timer that counted down the days until a special date, and he always comments on my posts and emails me and makes me feel special. Thank you, Jacoby. This shout-out's for you.



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J.N. Future Author said...

oh! Sorry it was canceled! That just means you have to worry about it later O.o,

^.^ A full year? Wow, it feels like we have known each other for a lifetime, not just a year!