Monday, December 22, 2008

My New Cyber-pal

I am feeling so happy today. In case no one has noticed yet, I now have a countdown gadget on the side-bar of my blog. Take a look, just scroll down and see it.

Pretty nice, no? It counts down the days until 2009 is upon us. If anyone thinks this timer bears any resemblance to James Dashner's gadget, which counts down days until his second book comes out, then you are correct. (I find it a tad annoying that I don't know how to get rid of the loader thingy that pops up before the timer. That makes it obvious that it's from the 13th Reality) You can thank J. N. Future Author for that.

See, on the 20th I decided to email J. N. and beg him to tell me how he got his timer up. (well, not really beg. I'm just exagerating.) The next morning I find that he gave me a rapid reply, telling me exactly how to get my clock up. I owe him big time for that. A loud shout-out to you, Jacoby.


If any other bloggers want this timer, all you gotta do is give me a comment. I will reply personally to everyone who does. And please don't forget to tell me how you like my posts. *.^

So far I am really liking this blogging thing. It's so much fun. It's even helped me make a friend.


J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ no problem!

O.o it just changed to days till new years! cool!

Magenta said...

Yeah, isn't it though? And when it runs out, maybe I can count down to something else. Hmm, I wonder what happens when the time runs out. Does anything special happen?