Friday, December 12, 2008

A Packed Week

I've really been pretty busy these last couple days, it's almost alarming to me. Firstly, I've been doing so much work with my sister, Annette, and my Dad on this ultra cool language learning program, where you can write the alphabet and listen to what the letters sound like in the language. It has numbers too. We only have 5 languages so far: American English, Hebrew, and Spanish in Venezuelan, Brazilian, and Spanish accents. We have it online already! To check it out, click here. We need the publicity. It's so cool and easy, you'll figure out how to use it.

Secondly, my twin Annette, my younger brother Adam and I have this cute and funny little show on YouTube called the Leslie and Kyle Sock-Puppet Show, and we made a new episode just for the holidays. We got a perfect show in three takes. That's a rarity. Check the episode out by clicking here, plus remember to check out all our previous episodes and other movies on our channel.

It took us a long time to put up our Holiday Special because we wanted to add effects to the movie, but we couldn't because Windows Movie Maker doesn't accept MOV files, so we had to download a file converter and it wouldn't work, so we took it off and downloaded something else...... long story short, we put Leslie and Kyle up on YouTube without anything special, we got an alright converter, (though it ruins the sound quality a little) and Annette and I are excited for the next time we can use Movie Maker. We might make an even cooler Leslie and Kyle in the future with it.

Just today my Grandparents came over for a visit, in honor of Adam's 11th birthday, which was December 10. It was okay. But the coolest thing about today was that I discovered Google Blogger. Hence, my first blog ever. I just happened to come upon James Dashner's blog (it is so awesome. He's the author of "The 13th Reality". A special shout out to Dashner Dude!) and I looked through it a bit and I decided to follow his blog.

Next thing I know, I have a Blogger account. I've never thought seriously about blogging before, because I didn't like the idea of writing personal stuff, but the way I've seen a couple people blog, it seemed pretty fun. So now here I am, finishing blog number 1. I hope to make at least a couple online friends with this little adventure. If you read this, J. N. Future Author, I hope you add the feature that allows me to follow your blog, because I think it's just as interesting as Dashner's.

Okay, I'm signing off now. I'm going to an early Christmas party with Adam's little home-school group. (I'm home-schooled too, but it's a group for little kids.) There's the movie Wall*e and a Wii station at their big house. And I haven't seen them, but Adam and my Mom say that the hosts, Ben & Lexi, have a ton of pets. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures. So long. Hoping that someone out there is reading this, Bettina Levy.


J.N. Future Author said...

yeah, James Dashner is certainly one of a kind!

you should totally read his new book when it comes out in march! (its a 13th reality 2)

and he also has this other book in the works coming out pretty soon - its called the Maze Runner. and from what I have heard the book is supposed to be fantastic!

Magenta said...

Yeah, I know. I've heard all about them. James Dashner is the reason I started blogging in the first place.

Thank you for leaving the first comment ever on my first blog...ever!