Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zapped the bug

Guess what? The bug in the program I had yesterday? Squashed. We worked on it all morning, "What the heck's wrong with it?"

The perpetrator? A digital clock application we put in the corner. It was so funny. The program worked before we put the clock in, but not after, for some reason."Don't mind me, I'm just telling you the time. Why would I make the code all messed up?" Oh, I don't know why, but once we got the clock out of the picture, everything was fine and dandy.

Now we can progress onward and animate the Arabic letters. We'll probably need another week to do both the right and left handed sets. If you happen to be a new reader, here's the link to our global ABC program. http://www.levsoftware.com/ab/abc.html

Tonight I'm seeing the movie Madagascar 2. To see what I thought about it, visit my movie blog.

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J.N. Future Author said...

hmm, glad to know you work out problems! ^.^

I hate working on a project to find out something is totally messed up on it.....

(I erased the fist post. I had a spelling error)