Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year Resolutions

With 2009 approaching ever closer, (it's 2 hours away now) I thought I'd share some of my new year resolutions. That way since they're a little public I'll have a better chance of keeping them.
  • For one thing, you'll be sure to hear a lot from me on my blogs. I'd like to beat my 2008 record of reading 115 books in a year, and I'll be able to prove it with my Book Blog. I am also going to keep a Movie Blog for all the movies I watch. But if you just want to know how I, personally, am doing and feeling, I'll be writing plenty over here.
  • There are a few projects I resolve to keep working at, such as our language program and the Leslie and Kyle show. I want to get down to studying for the SAT test I'll take in March. I'll get my driver's license in a month or two, so I need to prove to myself (and my parents) that I can drive safely by myself. I'm good at driving so far, but it might be a different ball game flying solo, I don't know.
  • I know I've got to remember about entering the NaNoWriMo contest in November, since I forgot about it this year and it sounds so cool.
  • My most important goal is to become more bold and adventurous. I want to contact famous authors for advice on writing (I've never done that before). I want to take road trips with Annette somewhere in the USA, like to Boston to search for colleges, or to Twinsburg, Ohio for the Twin's festival (Yeah, it's a real thing) or even Utah, for no specific reason whatsoever, (^.^) but it seems like a lot of good authors live there, like James Dashner. I'd like to try new things, like learn to ride a horse or take a dance class. That's all, I need to just have more adventures. I've got too comfortable a lifestyle.
All right, that's all I'm revealing. I've got a lot more resolutions for myself, but those are more private. Hey, I've got to draw the line somewhere. Oh my gosh, New Year is so close!


Brian said...

I'll be sure to remind you of NaNoWriMo in November. Also, I've been trying to use that language website. (It would be so cool to learn Greek!) Oh! And if you want to contact some authors, I'd suggest James Dashner and J Scott Savage. You can find their blogs at my site, and I think you can also find their blogs at Jacoby's site.

Oh, and Happy New Years! It's already 12:20 where I am.

J.N. Future Author said...

yeah, James Dashner and Scott Savage are the coolest people in the world! so its a must that you go to their sites and give a wave!

good luck with the NaNoWriMo....I don't enter things like that....

(it snows alot in utah)

Q said...

Shannon Hale lives in Utah too, if you know who she is. If you don't, read one of her books. And her fans are awesome. I read a bunch of blogs written by the Shannon Hale fandom, and they're great.