Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Missing Links

You know what? Yesterday, when I was writing my little catch-up, I totally forgot about a couple things I found on the web recently. One is actually a funny mini series on YouTube that my twin sister Annette and I unearthed. It's the Chad Vader series, uploaded by the channel blamesocietfilms. They have many other crazy videos (110 in fact), but their Chad series are really quite clever. Check it out. If his supermarket escapades don't get a rise out of you, you'll still probably smile at his holiday greeting card videos.

The other nugget of internet gold I found a few days ago was a charming website called Poisson Rouge (that means Red Fish in French; don't ask me why it's called that, it just is). It seems to be an educational website for children under the age of 7, but to tell you the truth, I think it appeals to all ages. I'm not joking. Click anywhere you want. There are easy-to-master-quickly mini-games galore. You can explore this interactive environment for a long time and probably not scratch the surface.

We found this site after daring Google to find something that matched our language learning program in it's simpleness and conveniance. This was the only thing that caught our eyes. And that's just it's interactive alphabet! Click on the red fish and it opens another world of possiblities. Don't just think I'm a babbling idiot and that this Poisson Rouge thingy is for babys. Take a look at them and see!

Oh, and speaking of our language program, today Annette and I have started learning the Greek alphabet! More about that some other time in the near future.

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