Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pizza and a Show

This blog post I thought I'd introduce you to a little part of my life. Almost every Tuesday (not so much anymore, but still pretty often) Benny, Annette, Adam and I get to have homemade pizza for lunch. That's right, homemade pizza. My dad, Benny, always prepares the dough from scratch (yes, with the yeast and the dough kneading and all that) and Annette and I stretch the dough out and add the toppings. Adam just gets to enjoy eating it, basically.

This isn't any ordinary pizza lunch, you understand. We're talking 2 delicious gourmet pizzas, with tomato paste sauce, olives, mushrooms, tomato slices (you know, for the longest time I didn't like tomatoes? It's really only this past year that I've been able to eat tomatoes without feeling the need to retch. Now I think they make a salad pretty tasty), peppers and spinnach on top. Sometimes we have onions on it too, but this time we didn't. We used to put cheese on too, but we've pretty much put a stop to that, since it's healthier without it. I think Adam misses the cheese.

Oh yeah, and since we always make two pizzas, all four of us always eat half a pie each. Shira doesn't usually eat pizza, mostly because she doesn't have a high metabolism like the rest of us. Oh well. Here are a couple pictures I took, specifically so I could put them on my blog, I told my family.
[1] Right when they're in the oven. [2] Doesn't that look divine? [3] My very own slice!
A little after our pizzas, Benny drove us all to the theater to see a movie. Again, this isn't a normal theater, just like we don't have ordinary pizzas. (I do so love not being normal ordinary!) The theater we go to, Tamarac Cinema 5 in Coral Springs, has a special deal on tickets every Tuesday that allows you to see a movie for 99 cents each. So we only spend $4.95 on movies! Plus we don't buy popcorn, so that's a big savings. We usually pop our own popcorn, not in a microwave, but in an air-popper. Today we munched on puffed corn cereal from Whole Foods instead. The film we saw was High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

My siblings and I have already seen this movie, like as soon as it came out, but that was in another, more expensive theater and long before I even thought of writing a blog. Plus Benny and Shira haven't seen it, and it was either this or Beverly Hills Chiuaua. Even for a second time, this movie was the best. The songs, the dancing, the drama, and of course the hot leads.

Oh, I so wish I could have a boyfriend like Troy Bolton, he's so romantic. And Chad isn't too bad either. You know, I was in a play for the first High School Musical, and I played Taylor and so developed a little crush on the guy who played Chad. Not Corbin Bleu, the boy in my play. But that's another story that I am not getting into because it's too personal to be on the web.

I've been thinking recently about what's going to happen in the new year, regarding my blog. I think when it's 2009 I'll have another couple blogs to post on, like one for talking about what books I read and another for the movies I see. It can be all detailed and stuff. Already I've made plans for them. The only thing I can hope is that someone gets to read them besides me. Until next time.


J.N. Future Author said...

WOW! That looks so good!!! *drool* like really REALLY good!

^.^ I am serious! that looks so delicious! now im hungry for pizza! Its all your fault! ^.~

Magenta said...

He he ^_~. Yeah, sorry about that. It was definitly a good pizza day. Hey, you might want to wipe the drool off your face. ^)^