Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Catch-up Time

Oh my gosh, things have been so craazzy! I haven't been able to set up a good time for myself to blog a little because something's always happening. If I can just keep my head straight, I'll try telling what's happened to me this past 5 days. I would've gone and posted another blog on Friday, but we stayed up at that Christmas party so late that I didn't have time. Here are a few good pictures, though:

[1] Me with the dog Pacha [2] We saw Wall-E on DVD [3] The beautiful horse Spirit (stick a horn on his head and he makes for a perfect unicorn) [4] A horse named Whisper [5] The cat Dagger. (It looks like he's got different eyes, but that's just the camera.) [6] Husky brothers Goblin and Goliath. (Ooh, they look pretty intimidating, don't they?) [7] The demon duck Banana. [8] And this is Marley. Camera went wacky again, but doesn't that remind you of the lazer eyes in Bolt?

Anyway, (as Leslie would say) on Saturday evening I went to a vegan Christmas potluck (I'm a vegetarian and proud of it) and had an okay time. The highlight of the party was Aaron the magician. He did so many awesome card tricks and stuff, it was just mind-boggling! I would have watched him all night, had I not been concerned with catching Saturday Night Live. Hugh Laurie was good, wouldn't you agree? Too bad it's Amy Pohler's last show.

Sunday I went to the beach with my family, like I do every week. I finished 3 books in one day there, one of which I finished on the beach. It's taken me ages to read, because it's so deep and heavy. It's called And the Truth Shall set you Free, by David Icke. Take it from me, this is not kid stuff. The other two, thankfully, were kid stuff. If you're Reading this, it's too late, by Pseudonymous Bosche, from the library, and The Tales of Beedle the Bard, by the great J.K. Rowling, which my brother Adam got for his birthday. Those were really good books.

I'm not very sure what happened Monday, though we did recieve a new copy of MAD magazine. I've also taken the time to explore Blogger a lot, see what I can do with it. Yesterday was really good, because we had another kind of dinner with friends recording their languages. This time we added Mexican Spanish, Slovakian, British English, and Canadian French. Pretty fun stuff. This website just keeps on growing. You'll see, this is going to turn into something big, I know it.

Today has been especially cool though, because this morning I got a reply from the Dashner Dude for my comment about his post on Erec Rex and Farworld. It's just so awesome that he, a famous author, actually replied to me! I never expected it (well, I guess I'd hoped for it, maybe, but still unexpected). It's so fun to think I kind of exchanged a word or two with a celebrity.

And speaking of which, tonight, because of Adam turning 11 this week, all of us got to take a special tour of the Majik 102.7 radio station and meet those people behind the scenes! I couldn't believe that I was meeting the people behind the voices we love to hear, like Mindy Lang and Vance Philips. I love 102.7; me and my siblings were practically raised on this station. I wonder what Adam himself was thinking about the whole thing? We talked with these people, they showed us how they did their jobs, they told stories, and Adam even got to be on the air, if only for 15 seconds!

Whoa, I can't believe it, is it that late already?! Sorry, have to end this post for now. Hopefully I'll be a little briefer, as well as a little handier with the adding pictures feature.

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