Monday, January 5, 2009

Catch-up Time # 2

Alrighty then. My first new blog post of the year (not including my book review of The City of Ember). I have a few things I want to say:

1. I think I'm going to get rid of my movie blog. It's not as fun writing about movies as it is about books I've read. Besides, I can always write about them in my regular blog. I don't need a special blog just for films. So, after I write this post, good-bye Maggie's Movies, and it's one review about Madagascar 2, (which I didn't really like anyway) I'm not really going to miss you. I don't think anyone else will either.

2. Eating with chopsticks is so cool. Since last Friday I've been turned on to it. I've even eaten spaghetti with chopsticks. It really makes you focused on your meal and you get to appreciate it more. Plus it only lets you take bite-sized pieces at a time, so it makes the food last longer. Try it out, it's really fun!

3. On Jan. 2nd I finally got a beautiful scrapbook from an arts and crafts store. It's really suppsed to be a sketch-book, but with it's blank, no-lined pages, I've got an even more creative purpose for it. I'm going to tape all my memorobilia from this year into this notebook. Ticket stubs, reciepts, birthday cards, everything (so far I've even taped the wings of a dead butterfly I found on a walk. Sorry, butterfly).

4. I resolve to write about my progress on my novel more often. Like I put up in my comment to Dashner Dude's most recent blog post, I've devised an interesting writing scheduel for myself. It's quite creative: On January 7, I will write the whole day.(if nothing interferes with that, that is) Then, a week later on the 14th, I will write all day, then 17, because it has the number 7 in it, then 21, then I will write two days in a row on 27 and 28. Then, because it will be February after that, I'll write a week after the 28th, which would be Feb. 4, then on the 7th, then the 11th, and so on and so forth, always writing on a day of the year that is a multiple of 7 or has 7 in the number and even every day of the month that has a multiple of 7 or 7 in it. I know, a little confusing, but I'll be able to keep track, and that's what matters. Doesn't matter if you guys can't keep track!

5. I'm a bit frustrated that I have so many holds in the library, like 15, and only 1 of those holds is ready for me. That's the book Coraline. A bunch of others are only intransit, whatever that means, but it means I can't get them yet! Books like Twilight (which I really want to read before I see the movie!) and the first Erec Rex and the rest of theEmber series. These books sound so awesome, and yet I can't have them! Why won't the library let me have them yet? Why?

There, I think that's enough for now. Thanks for reading. (And again, J.N., I appreciate you thinking about me in your blog.^.^)


The Funny one said...

Some thoughts, pertaining to your 3rd "resolution"...

What is the importance tacked on to the number 7? Does it play an important part in your story, or are you looking for some sort of fancy schedule to keep, thereby putting more thought into the schedule than the actual writing you create?

Don't procrastinate writing your story Bettina. This "Seven-Centered-Schedule" is keeping you from focusing on your plot, and your characters.

Also, good luck with the chopsticks.

J.N. Future Author said...

hehe, I love using chop-sticks! ^.^ they are so much fun!

wow, that was weird! seeing my own name on your site!

J.N. Future Author said...

of course I have thought of you! ^.^ Its because you said you would 'hold me to it' that i am determined to post every 2 days!

besides, your like a really cool person!

Brian said...

Hmm... I don't think I'll have such a detailed schedule, but I will devote a whole day to writing sometime soon.