Monday, January 26, 2009

Monopoly Madness

My sister, brother and I played Monopoly today. That was pretty fun. We played for just a little over 2 hours and my twin Annette won. It was crazy, she got both the purple and light blue (or grey) sets and put hotels on everything! She kept robbing us of our go money! All of us kept landing in jail too, so that was wierd (uh, sorry, weird. Isn't it weird how the word weird is spelled, with an ei instead of ie? Isn't it supposed to be i before e except after c? Of course, you all have probably made that observation before in your life, but it's fun to point it out).

This picture of a pink Monopoly set is so cool! I just searched Monopoly on Google Images, this came up and I'm like, "That's perfect!" in my head.
It's so pretty. I really wish I had one. Oh well.

So tomorrow is my next Writing Day, and the day after that I have another one. 2 Writing Days in a row! Boy, that's a little scary. But no, it's going to be fun, lots of fun. I'm not afraid to write.
Tomorrow, as a special surprise, I feel like showing you, my fine readers, either 1: My actual prologue, 2: A short summary of what the book I'm writing is about, or 3: The story of how I came up with the idea for my book. You get to decide which. Comment to tell me what you'd prefer to read and I'll post it up.


Brian said...

Good luck on your next writing day!

LouMac said...

Show us all three! I love Monopoly. My older brother and me played it all the time. Now he is on a mission, so I don't play it much.

Did you know that protein is spelled 'ei' instead of 'ie'? Weird, eh?

J.N. Future Author said...

lol, pink!

yeah, weird is really weird! ^.^ I think of it every time I use that word!

I hope your writing day is spectacular! ^.^