Monday, January 12, 2009

A whole month of Blogging!

I don't know about you, but I am astonished that I have officially been a blogger for an entire month. I've had so much fun and have learned a whole lot from this experience. It's as if I've been doing it forever now. I question why it took me so long to discover the joys of blogging, much like I question why I've only started eating with chopsticks this year. Please allow me to reminisce for a couple paragraphs.

I remember that I started and finished the awesome 13th Reality book, The Journal of Curious Letters (written by none other than the legendary James Dashner. Whoo!) late September-early October. I thought the series was ultra cool, so I went on ol' handy-dandy Wiki to research Dashner. In the resources, I saw a link to his blog. I clicked it.

I was informally introduced to a truly awesome dude, the Dashner Dude, through his blog. He's smart, funny, and since he's a famous author he gives everyone a little peek into the publishing world and his own life. I thought it was really cool, but then I closed it and didn't come back to it for several weeks. Finally, a month ago today, I remembered his blog and looked at it again. After reading the new posts, (which were cool) I saw the button that allows you to follow a persons blog. I thought this meant you simply were emailed post updates or something, so I pressed the Follow button.

Next thing I knew, I was being asked for my profile name, my email address, all these uniform questions, I answered everything as best as I could, and I find that I have my own blogging account! It hadn't occured to me that you had to be a Blogger member before you followed someone. I also didn't know that Blogger was a Google product. I'd been using Gmail and the Notebook for awhile, and I knew those were awesome, so I thought this would be cool.

And it has been. And that is exactly what lead me up to this moment, this post. Did you know that I wrote this entire post using a library computer? Yeah, I'm at the library right now, and I just got The Host by Stephenie Meyer (absolutely ginormous!) and the first Erec Rex book by Kaza Kingsley (for those who don't know it, I share my birthday with her, September 7th! We've emailed a couple times and after this I'm going to tell her that I got her book now). You wouldn't believe how bulky the keyboard is. It's like a typewriter, almost. I'm too used to the flat keys of my laptop. Oh well. Tomorrow I'm really excited, because we'll be going to see the movie Twilight in the theater at long last! I cannot, cannot wait! Strangely, Annette and Adam still aren't finished with the book, but that doesn't matter. We're still going to see it. Uh-oh, my session is about to time out. 'Bye!


Magenta said...

And by the way, Jacoby, I'm still waiting for the prologue I thought I'd get to see. What happened? It's almost been a week already!

Brian said...

Wow! Interesting path into the Blogger world. Mine was totally out of the blue. My friend Kathryn was over and showed me Blogger. (she wasn't an active user though) I was active for a week, writing a really stupid story (which is still on my blog), and then I didn't touchit for a month or two... Or three. Then, I remembered it and wrote every once in a while. By some oddstroke of luck, I got a random comment on my blog. That brought me into a whole new online world. Starting with a blog called Find Your Magic, now known as Farworld. I can't believe how lucky I was, and I'm still thankful to J Scott Savage for commenting on my blog.

J.N. Future Author said...

O.o oh, Bettina, you don't sound happy with me!

Yup, it was good old James who lead me to blogging as well. I had visited our school and had an assembly and all that cool stuff. that day i went home and looked up his blog and created this just to talk to him. of course in time I started posting stuff with actual meaning.

I am sooo sorry about not getting it to you yet! I'm having this problem. I have to completely rewrite an entire character! It's been harder than I thought....but will eventually give more maneuvering room.

LouMac said...

I haven't blogged for an entire month yet. I have only been blogging for a few weeks. I'm almost there. I started blogging when I found James Dashner's blog as well. (Well not when I FOUND his blog.)

I can't wait to see the movie either. I'm going some time this week, for my birthday. It is on the 20th, but I am going this week, instead.

Oh, and does anyone know if Obama has shown his birth certificate yet? He needs to be a citizen of the U.S. in order to be President!!!