Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I saw it!


What an awesome movie! The actors were great!!
Bella reminded myself even more of me in physical form. Of course, I have shorter hair and she has more of a baby face.

The action was so quick! It's like... fwoo!...pyew!...close-up!...wow!!!
Robert Pattinson (Edward) is cuuuute! The vampire family was really nice. I especially liked Alice. She was perfect for the part.

The movie-makers did a pretty good job, I gotta say. They were really close to the book, but were smart enough to use all the right, necessary adjustments. All the scenes with action in it were so cool, like with the baseball game and the final showdown with the tracker. The ending is definitely open-ended, hope they make the next in the series very soon! (Although, what's the deal with Victoria? Well, I guess I'll find out when I read New Moon. Never mind, everybody. Don't give anything away for me!)

Despite all my praise here, I still think the book was marginally better. It's easier to feel the action through words rather than film, in this case. Maybe because with books, it's easier to lose yourself in a story because you kind of, I don't know, merge with the characters, becoming them for a time, feel what they're feeling. That's as opposed to movies, where you see the action happening to definitely other people. Really good actors they may be, but still, other people.
It's a little late now, so I guess I'm going to sign off very soon.

On a side note: I read a bunch of blog post updates before I started writing this. Here's my list:
~Ditto's Pad, "The Crazyness"(Thanks for thinking of me and easing my mind, Jacoby. You might want to fix your Cazyness to Crazyness, though. Just add an R.)
~Farworld, "Book Clubs" (He wrote some really good stuff if anyone out there is looking for inspiration)
~ThE bLoG oF A. e. heDgES, "New Poll" (I voted for Rubik's Glitch. I think that definitely sounds like a cool band name)
~Future Carido/Author, "I typed this many words today." (She turned me on to a good sounding website, which I haven't seen yet, but will check out tomorrow.)

I love all the blogs that I follow, and I think these were really good posts. ^_^

On another side note: If you ask, I'm wearing a scallop shell on my neck. My mom made a necklace out of it quite recently. Of course, it's pink, with a pink ribbon. I love it. I think it matches my sweater very nicely. Okay, I don't often talk about my looks! Especially not in writing! I better get off now.

Edit~Oh wait, I just forgot! I have a Writing Day tomorrow. I'm probably going to be holed up writing my book, which I promise to talk about a little bit more tomorrow, after the day is out. Oh yeah, and Kaza! I started The Dragon's Eye! I'm 5 chapters into it, and it's rather good. You can expect a review from me very soon about it, if I'm not mistaken.


Brian said...

Good luck with your writing day.

J.N. Future Author said...

oh man! an error! and its right in the title!!! >.<, how did i miss that again?

^.^ i'm glad you liked the movie! the comments I heard the most is jasper looks like he is in pain

So, Friday is the last day i will edit it - then i will send it too you, even if i didn't all the way fix the errors...

so friday it is!