Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Writing Day #1 Morning

I've waken up relatively early by my standards. I've taken care of the menial tasks of brushing my teeth and doing the bird chores (well, at least replacing the newspaper). I really hope I can get some good writing done today. I've had a pretty long vacation from that kind of stuff, now it's back to work. I plan not to do any other work during the day except for this. I'm not even going to take reading breaks for Twilight, which is tempting (hey, I'll give Annette and Adam a chance to catch up).

I'm just going to sit here at the computer, writing as much new material as I can. I'll keep track of how much time I spend and how many words I get written. Of course, I'm not going to be a zombie at my laptop all day. I'm only human. I'll take breaks for meals and maybe go for a walk during the day. I just hope that I'm not too distracted; my computer station is right smack in the living room, and who knows what kind of movie Adam would want to see or what toys he wants to play with loudly.

Hmm, on the other hand, maybe sometime during the day I can unplug the computer and take it outside with me to the backyard, where it'll be quiet except for cars. I think this only runs on an hour long battery, so I'd have to accomplish a lot of writing by then. I'm not going to set up a crazy word goal for myself today (like a 1000 words a day or something ^.^), since I don't know how much I can do on a given day, but I will have a goal next time to do better than I did now. I mean, what I'm going to do now. (sigh)

How am I going to get any writing done if I keep writing this post. I've gotta stop sometime! Alright, that's enough now. Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it! Come on, Bettina, get a grip on yourself. Just tear yourself away from the post and click Publish. Okay, okay, I'll do it. There, happy now?


J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ Bettina has a persistent conscious! at least i think that is how you spell it O.o

i need to write more material too...

1,000 words a day! ill hold it to you!

Magenta said...

I think you mean conscience. I have a persistent conscience. I have to be conscious when I'm writing, as opposed to unconscious, when I'm asleep. ^.^

Brian said...

Following your example, I've scheduled two full days of writing. This Sun. and two Suns. later. (Sun. being Sunday.) What are you writing about, by the way?