Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Writing Day #1 Night

Later that Night: Wow, I can't believe that I wrote all day! The time seemed to go a lot quicker that way. Well, according to the time I spent actually writing, it wouldn't seem as if I wrote all day, just under 4 hours of actual typing. I guess it's because I took, if not frequent breaks, then pretty long ones. I took a long walk to the store in the afternoon and took some good time off for food (for dinner tonight, everyone used chopsticks!), but like I promised myself, I never read Twilight. Annette and Adam are on chap. 8 though, while I'm on 10.

I added 663 words to my book. Mind you, I did a lot of rewriting and replaced many words. I've never truly kept track of my word count before, but now I feel a bit more confident that I can reach a high word goal like 1000 words next time. ^,^ And not only did I write a load of words, I feel like I added good quality words. My story needed them somehow. Unfortuately, I didn't get to write anything really original, just added to what I wrote before. I should write an original scene next time. It's so cool reading my old stuff after so long.

But honestly, I'm quite amazed and proud of myself. I didn't realize it, but I hadn't touched my novel since August of 08, 5 months ago! What the heck was I doing all that time, huh? 'Cause I don't know! Ohhhhh, maybe it's because I was reading so much. Too much, maybe. I thought I was getting inspiration, but I was just mostly entertaining myself. This is the reason I've been working on this one book for nearly 3 years. I'm too much of a reader, not enough of a writer.

Still, to stay on the bright side, today it seemed like I had lots of inspiration. Just my decision to sit there and write no matter what really "opened up" my "creative pores," so to speak. Like a mud mask! (I've never tried one of those, it's just metaphorically speaking.) I'm just glad that I had a very positive first experience here, so I'll look forward to the next time. That'll be a week from now, the 14th (7 x 2). I'm glad my family was supportive and not too distracting. I hope next time I will surpass myself in what I write.


Brian said...

The Reader not a Writer thing... I used to think that about myself(I had no desire to be a writer), but when I actually started on Blogger (by actually starting, I mean J Scott Savage first posting on my blog and bringing me into this community of writers.) I was first inspired to write from reading his posts about writing and I found that I was actually able to think up good ideas, and later, good stories. Now, I am working hard on a story that is entirely my own idea.

LouMac said...

i'll follow your blog if u follow mine. mine is:

good luck with your fantasy novel!

J.N. Future Author said...

"thought I was getting inspiration, but I was just mostly entertaining myself. "


that one really hit home...

^.^ but congratz!!!! that is way cool that you now have more words to add to your arsenal of written works!