Sunday, November 22, 2009

The best day of my life!!! Pt. 2

Alright, the second movie we saw in the theater on Saturday that really knocked our socks off (not literally, but still!) was... Michael Jackson's "This Is It"! Isn't that so amazing?! Straight after seeing "New Moon", we snuck into the next theater and saw "This Is It" 10 minutes later! Best decision we ever made, seeing this film when we did...

The amazing part of it is that a couple days ago I'd been dismayed to realize that "This Is It" only played in theaters for a limited time, just 2 weeks. Oct. 28 to Nov 12. And we were way past that, and I'd soooo wanted to see it, so I was really pissed at myself for forgetting such an important thing! ~,~ Well, it was important to me, since I'm quite obsessed with Michael Jackson. But then how happy I was to discover that I could still see it on the big screen! ^_^

It was hilarious, but for a good long while Annette, Adam and I were the only ones in the room there. We waited and waited for more people to join us, but no one came in. We thought we would be the only ones who wanted to see This Is It! We fantasized being able to sing along with Michael as loud as we wanted if that happened, because no one would care! Hee hee. We could've treated it like our own personal home theater, with a BIG screen TV! We don't have that. But anyway, the fantasy didn't exactly last, because a bunch of people came in after a couple previews. Too bad. Would've made a hilarious story...

Well, all I can say is that it was an interesting thing that we'd seen "New Moon" in preparation for this. The Michael Jackson concert that would've been "This Is It", had M. J. not died (~,~), was the most incredible spectacle I've ever experienced in my life!!! It was a total bombardment of the senses, all of it! All the flashing lights, all the professional back-up dancers and vocalists (these people were like the sexy vampires and werewolves we'd just witnessed not hours ago! What talent, precision and skill! They must have taken TONS of rehearsals to get it right. It was impossible, they were like perfect robots or something...), all my favorite songs that were fascinatingly altered (quite tastefully, in fact), and of course, the person who made watching the movie all worth while, Michael Jackson. ^_^

I'd never been lucky enough to attend a Michael Jackson concert, I'd never expected to do so in my life anyway, and now that he is dead I will never, EVER be able to get that chance. To actually hear him singing, see him dancing, to just be in the same vicinity as M. J., up close and personal. I can't do that. His albums, music videos and other archives are all that I have.

But this movie, this collection of rehearsals for the concert that now will never be, was the next best thing for me. All the footage is from the Spring of '09, just months before he died, and though it was always plain that they were just rehearsing, they could have fooled me that it was the actual thing. That's how professional Michael and everyone else were. I've never seen such a production. M.J.s talent, his vision, was phenomenal! The way he danced and sang, the way he gave directions and laughed at inside jokes... sometimes I couldn't believe that the guy was 50! Michael was truly young at heart... timeless, ageless. I love him so much. And miss him. ~,~

Some songs in particular were just astonishing, better than their original counterparts. My most favorite one was Thriller! My god, it was terrifying!!! The zombies were brilliant (I guess make-up technology had advanced since before) and there was even an added verse to Vincent Price's already creepy monologue (didn't sound like him though. Vincent died long ago).
Totally awesome!

I also really loved the new version of the Earth Song, where a girl is exploring an absolutely beautiful, green forest, dancing with butterflies and then napping in the grass and flowers. So sweet. ^_^ But then later it's sad, because she wakes up and the world is burning and dying around her, so... yeah. ~_~ I remember how passionate Michael was about saving the planet. The songs he wrote powerfully reflected that.

There isn't much else I can say about "This Is It", but I think I've said enough, haven't I? You can tell I loved it, right? Anyway, what an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience, wouldn't you agree? Seeing "New Moon" and "This Is It", one right after the other... it just blows me away. It made me quite tired, actually. We probably spent 4-5 hours in the theater, and it was dark by the time we were out, but it was worth it. I'd have done it again in an instant! I think somehow it was fitting that we saw both those movies in the same day. Remember the MTV awards? Quite a coincidence that they had previews for those movies, huh?

So before we walked out of the theater, I remembered to pick up our pizza from the concession stand. The box was cold after spending such a long time in the fridge! But me and my sibs enjoyed eating a cold slice in the car before setting off for home, where we'd toast the rest. Our parents were already home by the time we got back. Hmm. Even though I enjoyed such a special day with my brother and sister, I kind of wish that my mom and dad could have also seen those movies with us in the theater. I'm sure they would've enjoyed them as much as we did. But too bad. We couldn't even begin to describe how exciting the two films were. Later that night we saw the last couple episodes from our Simpsons Season 3 DVD, and then on TV we saw SNL. Not such a funny episode, but still quite fun.

And that, my friends, was one of the very best days I've ever had in my life!!!

Other funny things that deserve mentioning:
~ I wore the same pink sweater and scallop necklace that I had on when I saw "Twilight" back in January, but I forgot to bring the camera. So I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. =P (Link to that post.)
~ On the way from the library to the theater, I saw an orange truck that looked like Bella's, and the song "This is it" played on the radio! (Annette also said that she saw a sign for Bella Acres, but Adam and I missed it.)

~ The previews we saw before "New Moon" were of "It's Complicated" (Ha ha. Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin!), "Letters to Juliet" (Takes place in Italy, like a part of New Moon, and seems like a fun romance), and "Sherlock Holmes" (Robert Downey Jr. is Holmes? What the? And I'm not sure why Jude Law is Watson. Still, what an action film! Seems like the only type I'd see), all movies that I'm quite curious about seeing.

And then the This Is It previews included "The Princess and the Frog" (I can't wait to see that Disney movie. Looks like an instant classic!), "Avatar" (The blue cat-people are fascinating), and "New Moon"(Hee hee! We'd just seen it, so that was crazy!).

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Rainy said...

You forgot the Percy Jackson Preview :) I'm really excited for that one. . .

Aww, I guessed wrong. I completely forgot about the MJ movie. Ah, can't believe it.

When I saw Cat in the Hat, waaay back when, me and my friends and a couple of adults-friends were the only one's watching the movie. The grown-ups tried to scare us actually. . . it was comical.