Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving (Sorry, I forgot =P)

I hope you guys can forgive me for neglecting to write about how my Thanksgiving went on the day, but if I could give any kind of excuse, I would say that I needed the whole weekend to get over it. Not that I actually did, but it's an excuse, so I'll take it.
My Thanksgiving, or my "Happy Harvest Holiday," as my sister Annette dubbed it (Triple "H") was quite pleasant, I must say. (Hey, it's better than the nickname "Turkey Day" in my opinion. It doesn't have to be all about the turkey!) In the morning I got up early, so I could catch the Macy's day parade. It was the first time I ever saw it. ^_^

Actually, it was pretty funny, because I had no idea which channel it was supposed to be on, so I just flipped through the channels until I landed on something that looked like a parade. I watched it for a while, until my mom said that we weren't watching the Macy's parade. It was this other kind of McDonalds parade in Chicago. The famous Macy's parade is always in New York! (Well hey, I didn't know that. =P) So we missed a lot of the beginning. But it was still fun. Saw a bunch of blown-up and beloved cartoon characters, as well as very neat floats and marches and people singing. But it does go on and on...
To honor the holiday, my family and I went to a special party. It was our 3rd annual attendance of a vegetarian potluck, in which each person or group of guests brings along their own vegetarian/vegan dish or dishes. As long as the food was healthy and there wasn't any meat in it at all, you could bring it. So we didn't eat ANY turkey! ^_^ A lot of huge birds were saved at this party. The closest thing we got to turkey was someone bringing some "To-furkey". Get it? Tofu turkey? Ha ha.

My family and I really love to eat, and we're all very proud vegetarians, so this was a really fun event. ^_^ It was like going to a salad bar, and since everything was "safe" to eat, we could taste a lot of interesting stuff! Such a variety of flavors... I didn't like everything I ate, but I liked a lot more dishes than I didn't like. I got pretty full fast, and the dishes kept on coming as more people showed up for the party!

Despite being incredibly full, I had enough energy to be a bit active. I played a couple rounds of Frisbee with these nice, buff guys, whose names I never got (I'm VERY good at playing Frisbee!) as well as a little paddle ball with my sister. That was pretty fun. And that is the extent of what I remember from my Thanksgiving! How was yours?

I also wanted to link to a couple of hilarious sites. The other day, my grandma sent us this link to a website with 10 super cute and funny animation clips, I saw them all with my bro and sis, and all of us literally LOL-ed! You've got to check them out. ^_^

The other thing I hope you'll see is a YouTube video from the channel ImprovEverywhere, "Where's Rob?" I love ImprovEverywhere's videos, especially the musical videos, but this is just to start you off. If you feel like checking out the other vids, that's entirely up to you.

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