Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MTV Awards! + MJ is the greatest!

Okay, the last couple of nights have been totally wild! Through both, I ended up going to bed at a really late hour, because of all the stuff I was watching on TV. Funny me, I usually hate it when I sleep late, because it means I will wake up late, but I didn't mind staying up for what has been on lately...

Who else saw the MTV awards the other night, by a show of hands? Er, comments. =P Well, what a to-do that was, huh? That was a lot of fun to watch. I thought the host, Russel Brand, was pretty funny. I recognized him from Bedtime Stories. He's crazy. ^,^ It was hilarious how he seemed able to say whatever he wanted and everyone was okay with it. He says Barack Obama's name weird. And isn't his hair completely wild? He he.

The Michael Jackson tribute was absolutely stunning! I loved it! And I positively can't wait for that documentary thing about him, THIS IS IT, to come out. That looks so great! I'm discovering more and more what a truly awesome legend MJ used to be, and I can't wait to learn more about him.

Boy oh boy, did you see what happened when the very first award was given out? That female artist something that went to Taylor Swift? I couldn't believe it when Kanye West suddenly went onstage and stole Taylor's spotlight! So mean. ~,~ I really didn't think things like that went wrong on live TV, only in books and movies. But this was real life. So weird...

Well, luckily Beyonce was nice enough to let Taylor finish her speech and cleared up the bad air a little bit. ^,^

Anyway, who else is ultra-excited to see New Moon after that new, wicked, action-packed preview? Man, it looks so much... scarier than Twilight, doesn't it?
I mean, I do not remember the book New Moon being quite so hard core. Still eager to see it, though.

(He he. You ought to see what my sister says about New Moon on her blog. She remembers the way I seemed to have a spell cast over me when I was reading the Saga, and she refuses to be caught up in all this movie hype. I bet she still wants to see it, but since she never got farther than the first book she probably won't appreciate it like I will. ^_~) The guy who plays Jacob, Taylor Lautner... I can't wait to see him in action! This is pretty much his movie.

Alright, now I'll talk about last night. What an awesome evening! We'd come back from the library with a DVD that was supposed to have several of Michael Jackson's legendary music videos in it, so we decided to see that first. I remember my sister and me seeing a bunch of his videos on YouTube after he died, but I knew this would be a ton better. Boy, I had noooo idea...

Thank you, Annette, for taking this DVD out! God, I have never seen the King of Pop quite like this before. I mean, I loved him before, with all his music and stuff, but now I have a whole 'nother level of respect towards him. This collection didn't just have his music videos (most of which, btw, I'd never seen before and had songs I'd never even heard him do). They showed behind-the-scenes footage of what actually went on while making some of his videos! (I love seeing those behind-the-scenes stuff in the special features of my favorite movies, but this was totally awesome! You see a whole other side of Michael here.)

AND there were various clips of his ground-breaking concerts (I never appreciated how famous he was before) and his speeches at the 1993 MTV awards, or something like that. Those were cool! I'll never forget that. First his sister, Janet Jackson, said such wonderful things about him, how he became such a legend and all, and then Michael goes up and gives the sweetest and most inspiring speech ever! I noticed that whenever someone in the audience interrupted him and screamed out "I love you," by habit, Michael would smile and reply, "I love you too." He was truly the greatest. I'm sad that I never knew Michael like that. ~,~

My favorite music video of Michael Jackson, I'd have to say, was the one of "Black or White." That's the one with Macauly Culkin in it, and all those morphing faces. Awesome. Did you know that when this video first aired, there was a ton of controversy? Because originally it was 11 minutes long, and the very last few minutes of it had Jackson doing some weird, suggestive dance moves and breaking windows and acting crazy. This was cut out in later versions, but seeing this for the first time, I thought it was pretty awesome. The guy is such a dancer. Even with no music playing behind him, his moves are wild!

My second favorite video is "Jam," which I never saw until now, and featured Michael Jordan in it. (Ha ha. 2 MJs! lol ^,^) There's a scene where Jackson tries teaching Jordan how to dance like him, and it's funny! Honestly, if anyone wants to lovingly reminisce over the late King of Pop, you absolutely have to take out this DVD! He is soooo cool!

Alright, that's enough of Michael Jackson out of me now. Phew! It's actually tiring, thinking how awesome the guy is... Anywho, after we finished that movie our parents told us Jay Leno's new show was on. We switched to it just as his first guest, Jerry Seinfeld, came on. It was funny!

And after that, we saw the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report. I didn't know these guys had taken 3 weeks vacation from their shows. I guess because I was up in Boston for a couple weeks, and then I didn't watch them for another week. Anyway, both their shows were hilarious as well. Yes, even Stephen. I've learned to laugh at his humor too. Finally at midnight we turned the box off and went to bed.

Wow, this is the longest post I've written in quite a while, isn't it? ^_~

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Rainy said...

I didn't see it, I had missed it. I couldn't believe I forgot! But I went back on YouTube and watched clips of it. I really couldn't believe Kanye West. Poor Taylor, she's pretty good for a country singer, I'm glad he at least apologised.

The Twilight movie wasn't all that good, and I wasn't that excited about New Moon, but now I am! The movie seems to be way better than the first. New Moon was my favorite book out of the four (because there was less Edward) and the movie looks promising. I think the Lautner dude is an awesome Jacob/werewolf. Er, shape-shifter ;^)

Macauly Culkin. I remember him from the "Home Alone" movies. Kid was great for that video.