Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!! And Annette! ^_~ We're both 18, baby!

Okay, it's probably obvious what this post is about. ^_^ Yesterday was such an awesome day!!!

I know, I know! I've left you guys high and dry for a really long time. No updates, no stories, just an incredibly frustrating (I'm guessing) silence from me for, had I waited until the 13th, an entire month! Well, I've got really feeble excuses, so I might as well not make them. But my biggest reason for not blogging a lot here is that I took a road trip with my family to Boston for a couple weeks, and I was having such an awesome time that I had absolutely NO time at all to post anything about it. So you can't even read about my adventures on my Travel Blog. Not yet, anyway...

Anyway, I don't want to talk about that right now. I PROMISE I'll get to it in another post soon, but right now I just have to tell you how wonderful and memorable my 18th BIRTHDAY was! ^__^

1: We woke up early to go to a beach we don't usually go to and saw the sunrise. We ate a relaxing breakfast and my sister and I had a blast reading the homemade cards our parents and brother made us. Also the ones Annette and I made each other. ^_^ That's always the best part. To me, cards are much better than presents. (I'll try to put up pictures sometime.)

2: A couple hours later we went to our usual beach and loads of friends wished us a happy b-day. We also handed out oatmeal -raisin cookies (our favorite) to everyone. No cake or candles, but totally fine with me. Didn't stay as long as normal, but went back home to wash up a bit.

3: For a birthday lunch/dinner, we drove to a Chinese restaurant called Dragon Gourmet Buffet. Stayed there for about 2 hours, sampling fascinatingly-tasting foods. There was even more food than shown here! It was an incredible and filling meal, and I enjoyed myself immensely. I think the fortune in my cookie said, "Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you!" (If you say it enough times, trouble sounds like a goofy word, doesn't it? =P)

4: After "rolling" out of the restaurant, we went to Comp USA and Best Buy to compare prices for new laptop computers! I had a lot of fun at this part! We didn't actually buy new machines, but we did manage to get the Jonas Brothers' brand spankin' new album, "Lines, Vines and Trying Times!" I love Jo Bros almost more than any band, so this was an uber-awesome present!!!

5: Also while at Best Buy, we saw someone playing a Rock Band game and realized that she was actually playing a Beatles song! It was a preview for the special Beatles Rock Band, which isn't supposed to come out until 9-9-09! After the person was done, me, Annette, Adam and even my dad (who is a huger fan of the Beatles than I am, having lived longer, of course ^,~) had lots of fun playing the songs. I really, really want to own this game, but it was great that we could play it like this.

And that's it! That was how my 18th birthday, my first step into the world as a legal adult, was spent. Later that night I had fun listening to the 13 new JoBro songs, and even singing along with them. How, you ask? It came with a little lyrics booklet, that's how! Even though I didn't at all recognize most of the songs on the cd, I was able to follow along with the words. More or less. Well, I'm sure I'll get more familiar with them.

If anyone wants to wish me a happy birthday, I would HIGHLY appreciate it if you did so now!


Rainy said...

Happy Birthday x 2(I left a comment on your other post).

Brian said...

Happy double birthday, and Welcome back Bettina!!!

Q said...

Happy birthday!

J.N. Future Author said...

happy happy birthday! ^.^

J.N. Future Author said...

it sounds like you had lots of fun ^.^