Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here's Lookin' at you, kid.

I've already posted today, but a few things of note have happened besides it being the first official calendar day of Autumn. For one thing, we decided to make our famous home-made gourmet pizza! Well, it is a Tuesday, isn't it? ^_~ Yummy. For another, my brother lost a particularly loose molar while he was eating his last slice, so that was definitely cause for celebration. He'll probably be getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight. He he.

(sigh) This might seem weird, but I kind of miss the days when I was losing my teeth. When I still had teeth to lose, it meant I still had some growing up to do, that I was still a kid. Now I'm 18 and apparently fully grown. I don't remember the last time I had a growth spurt, and if I lost a tooth now, I can't grow it back! ^,^

Moving on, my twin Annette managed to put up a new video on our YouTube channel, of Adam singing as Elvis again, but to the tune of Jailhouse Rock! You ought to see it! He's fantastic. ^_^ The camera shakes a bit in the middle and he forgot a couple words near the end, but other than that I personally think it's a piece of YouTube gold. Here's the link. Remember to check out Adam's first Elvis vid, where he sings Blue Suede Shoes! ^_~

Finally, tonight we saw an old Warner Brothers classic from the '40s, Casablanca. Normally I don't really have the patience for old movies, thinking they are too cheesy for my taste. Well, I ought not be so quick to judge those classic films, just like I shouldn't judge an old book by its cover. I don't know if anyone else would appreciate these old pictures in this modern day and age, but I think it's very educational to take out a hit from the past.

The last scene, of course, is my favorite. I'm pretty sure it used to be everyone's favorite. Where Humphrey Bogart is trying to convince the girl to get on the plane, and she doesn't want to, so he cheers her up by saying his catchphrase to her, "Here's lookin' at you, kid." Pretty big moment in movies at the time, I'll bet.

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