Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall!

Or Autumn, or whatever you like to call it. In the story I'm writing, I call it the Red season. ^,^
Ah, I wish I lived somewhere like here in the Fall. But I live in Florida. The leaves don't change color quite so rapidly here, but at least it gets a bit cooler, so that's something. =P Still... that scene sure is beautiful.

So anyway, this is pretty exciting. There's no season I like better than Fall, because of all the wonderful holidays and special occasions that I have come to associate with it. Before I rack off a list of what I'm looking forward to, let me just say Happy Rosh Hashanah! That's Hebrew for the Jewish New Year. Hey, stab a guess at what year it is... Give up? Oh, okay. The Jewish year is 5770. Mm-hmm. Can you believe it? I remember that in past years I could never quite keep up with what year it was compared to the Gregorian year, but now I think it'll be easy to remember that the one is 3,760 years ahead of the other! Hee hee. ^,~

Okay, so here's what I'm most looking forward to:
  1. My mom's birthday! (It's on October 3rd. Did you see the count down clock? I better make her card soon.)
  2. Halloween! Well, duh! Who can forget Halloween? I'm not sure what I'll be doing on the day. I usually come up with a costume idea a week or so before Halloween. Not like my brother, Adam, who is always full of ideas for dressing up as his favorite characters months ahead! (He he. Just teasin', Bro. ^,~)
  3. NaNoWriMo! If you don't know what that is, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. There's some sort of contest at the beginning of November for one to write 50,000 words by the end of the month. Sounds pretty wicked, right? Well, I'm gonna enter in it! I learned about it too late last year, so I'm going to be taking my chances this year, and see if I have fun with it. (Hey, at least it'll get me to write 1,666 words at minimum a day!)
  4. Thanksgiving! Again, pretty obvious, right? But I love Thanksgiving! I love the feast part. (And no, we don't eat turkeys on this day. We're vegetarians, remember?) My favorite part is eating pumpkin pie. ^__^ Ooh, and my mom even makes pumpkin pie ice-cream, usually! Mmmmm...
  5. Technically, this is still in the Fall, even though it's sooo close to Winter, but... also my brother Adam's birthday! He's turning 12 on December 10th! Man, he's growing up fast. ~,~
Yeah. That's pretty much the coolest things that will happen in the coming months. The rest is impossible for me to predict, like blog contests ^,~ and trips I will take and other un-see-able stuff. (sigh) I forgot that another thing I'll look forward to is when Jacoby Nielsen comes back from his mission in Mongolia.

I really miss him already. He was the first truly awesome friend I ever met as a Blogger. From the get-go I've felt that we were thick as thieves. And now he's gone, for 3 months. ~,~ He says he'll come back on December 16th. I better make a timer for that.

I love these profile pictures of his. The colored one is what he uses now, but I believe I will always remember Jacoby for being the kid with wild hair, small mouth, small nose, closed eyes, and meditatively listening to music that no one else can hear, but wish that they could, because he looks so peaceful. *_*

I hope you're okay down there, whatever you're doing on the other side of the world. Try to write soon, okay?


Brian said...

Happy Rosh Hashana!

J.N. Future Author said...

^.^ Aw, thank you my friend!

You know, I'm thinking about puting that tan picture back up as my avatar....i still like it bettter. I only use this current one because my friend drew it for me since my head is always in the clouds (and I had white hair)

I hope I get to talk to you more often! right now I'm in an internet cafe in Darkhan Mongolia! So yes, i did make it....^.~

oh I miss you!!!!! Its fun being here....but I do miss being home (and it hasn't even been a week!)

I'm reading lots of Dark Materials and writing a TON. I'm talking I have ideas for 3 other books! how cool is that! ^.^

I'm just going to write a blog post since this is getting pretty long! ^.^