Thursday, August 13, 2009

And now... some bad news

Our favorite, old reliable Dell laptop has been on the blink for the last couple days. Somehow we got a nasty virus that infected the computer something terrible, and now we can't go on the internet there anymore!

It's really sad, because this is the computer my sibs and I would most always go for when we wanted to do stuff. It had faster and smoother internet and the picture and sound quality was perfect. My sister and I worked on Photoshop projects with it, and we even took it with us to Boston so we'd be able to Skype with our family! The laptop I'm writing with now is pretty okay, but it's just not the same ~,~. We've been talking about a buying a new computer, since we've tried all we could think of.

The part that sucks the most is that Annette and I might have accidentally caused the infection ourselves. We'd gotten into the Simpsons recently, a show that up until now I'd thought wasn't funny at all, but it kind of is. So there's a website where you can see all the episodes ever made, in their entirety, for free. We'd watched several episodes before without anything happening. This time something happened. I still feel really terrible about it. Now, even though I can see the humor in this cartoon show, I once again think that the Simpsons are stupid. *pout*

Another thing. My parents have brought to our attention a pretty sobering thought. Annette and my cockatiel birds, Sasha and Sammy, have been our pets for nearly 3 years. We love them dearly, despite their various annoying tendancies. We never clipped their wings, so whenever we take them out to play they always fly free and it's a challenge to coax them back into their cage. They land on people's heads, their sharp claws hurt for those not all that used to them, and since we came back from Boston they still get all hissy at us. But they have their sweet moments sometimes. ^,^

Anyway, every time we travel, it's always a hassle to find someone to take care of them. And Annette and I are growing up. We've got futures and dreams to think about without worrying what's going to happen to our pets. We haven't made any plans yet, but... we've talked about someday soon getting someone else to take care of Sasha and Sammy. ~,~ It's really a sad thing to consider.

Alright, that's all I got. I won't depress you anymore.


J.N. Future Author said...

we had 2 cockatiels once. one was named Misty. then like 2 years after she had died we got another one - Celtic. Celtic was my brother bird, but he liked me better ^.^

There was this one day I was feeling really sad. I was looking out of the window, and Celtic was next to the window in his cage. He hated everyone when we first got him. but as I was feeling down, I noticed that celtic would scoot alittle closer and a littler closer, all the while making bird chatter.

I think he was trying to comfort me or something. because after he was really close to me he started whistling! So I decided to try and hold him and he let me! after that he would sit on my shoulder and just chatter into my ear as I walked around. If anyone tried to take him, or tried to touch me, he would puff out his chest and attack the offending hand. ^.^

yup, Celtic was a "good birdie" ^.^

but he died like 2 years ago of old age......he was the best!

The Funny one said...

Was that when you still had Darth?

Deb said...

Sorry to hear your bad news! Hopefully you'll get a rockin' new laptop that puts the old one to shame. Then you'll write your novel, become famous, and forget the old laptop ever exsisted :)

Rainy said...

I hope I'm the first to say: