Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's been happening...

Okay, I think it's about time I wrote another post. I'll admit that I've been kind of distracted recently. Not only by what's happening in real life around now, but by all the awesome posts everyone else has been putting up in the last couple days! It's just soooo much fun! On August 11th was this big event up in Orem, Utah, this "Authorpalooza." I was sad that I was unable to attend, because (apparently) more than 30 authors were there, in one place! Unbelievable!!! James Dashner was there, and he took pictures with Laura Bingham and J. Scott Savage. Awesome. ^,^

Also, my close friend Jacoby went to the event and got his picture with Lisa Mangum. He had such a funny story about her signing his name. (Hey J.N., did you know that Dashner has a picture of you on his post too? Ha ha. You're up there with all his other author friends. ^_~) Thanks to his post there, I visited Magum's site, and got a preview of the first chapter of her book, The Hourglass Door. Awesomeness!

I was also distracted by another giveaway contest James is holding for 3 more ARCs of Maze Runner. (Not that I'm interested, 'cause I'm already perfectly happy with my own copy. What would I do with another one?) This contest lasts until Friday, and already there've been 110 comments on it! In my long 8 months of blogging, I've never seen such an amazing feat! (Oh yeah, almost forgot. Yesterday was my 8th monthiversary. ^,^)

Another contest being held in the Blog-World is on Dave's site, LGBRS. It's to win a free signed copy of Alvor, by Laura Bingham! (I've talked about her before. Do you remember her?) I know I've won one free book already, but this is so cool! The rules are pretty easy. I think I'm in good running. The contest spans over 3 weeks and will end on September 7th. (The exact same day as my birthday! Is this a sign? =P)

Alright, I think that's quite enough news about the blogosphere. Now here are the coolest things that have been happening in my corner of the world:
  • Tuesday was Pizza Day again. This tradition is getting a little shaky nowadays (I'm not sure whether we're supposed to have it on the first tuesday or the last tuesday anymore), but we had two pies today and they were deeeeelish! (I had to blog about this, because I always like seeing J.N. Future Author's reaction whenever I talk about our pizza. ^,^)
  • My youner brother, Adam, has gotten started on reading Maze Runner! So far I believe he's on chapter... wait, I'll go ask him to make sure... *asks*... Oh yeah, chapter 4. He seems to be liking it so far, too. (I knew he would. ^_^)
  • I recently finished reading Farworld: Water Keep, by J. Scott Savage. It was pretty neat. I should post a review for that later. Funny that I haven't gotten to it yet. (Well, I was distracted by all the other blogs, remember?) Anyway, I'm kind of starting to think that I've been obsessed with reading a little too much these days, so I'm going to resolve not to think about other people's books quite so much and start concentrating on my own novel. I don't think I've worked on it in a couple weeks or so. Sad, I know. ~,~ I'll probably have to ask for some of your help with it. I think that would be a fun idea, huh? How to do it, though... Don't worry, I'll come up with something later.
I wanted to list more, but I think that would make this go on for too long. I'll put up another post later. Unfortunately, that will be where I list a couple of things that are... bad news. (Dun duh duuuun!)

Hope you enjoyed this update. Check out all the links I made! They're really good reads, the lot of them. ^,^ (Except if you've already heard of Laura Bingham, you don't have to see the last link. That's just one of my old blog posts where I talk about her.)

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