Monday, August 3, 2009

Randomness (also post # 99)

  • A couple days ago my siblings finally finished watching the 3rd volume of Animaniacs. So much fun! It's a shame that there aren't any more Yakko, Wakko and Dot cartoons available, but I saw a rumor on Wikipedia that there will be a 4th DVD collection with the last 24 episodes of their show will be released sometime in 2009. I don't really believe that, but at the very least, I hope it comes out in 2010.
  • Speaking of Animaniacs, I've recently learned all the words to "Wakko's America," where Wakko sings all the 50 states and their respective capitols. It's amazing. With me memorizing "Wakko's America" as well "Yakko's World," I'm probably a master of geography! Now, if Annette can just teach me the Presidents song, I can be a master of American history too!
  • The other day we had coupons for pizza, so my sibs and I went and got a medium pie with olives on top. It's a funny story. When the guy who took our order had the box ready for us, he said "Alright, here's your anchovy pizza." It was a small place, and we were the only ones there, so we were pretty confused. "We didn't order anchovies, we ordered olives!" Then we opened the box to see the pizza, and what do you know? There were olives on it. ^_^ The guy was just playing a prank on us. "If only we had those security cameras. You should have seen your faces," he chuckled. Well, I'm glad I'm able to take a joke like that.
Of course, the real reason I'm blogging right now is that I'm really itching to get that ARC of Maze Runner right around now. Now that a few days have gone by, I'm starting to feel this tense-nervous-excited feeling that won't go away. I've been able to ignore it for the last week, but my book should come in any day now! I just can't stand the waiting!!!

I wonder what I'll do the moment I get it in the mail?... Well, I'll certainly be ready with a new blog post. Isn't it really cool that my next post will be #100? I think it is. How special that'll be! Oh, I can just barely wait. ~_~

You know something weird? We haven't gotten our MAD subscription for a while now, not since their 500th issue for June. But somehow I've got this idea in my head that at the same time I get Maze Runner, we'll have the next issue of MAD magazine too. I don't know if this is just silly wishful thinking or what, but I believe that both will come in at the same time. Wouldn't it be something if I'm right? I'd be like a psychic or something! Anyway, I just thought I'd put my prediction up here. If I happen to get this correct, then you'll believe me when I say "I just knew they would come in at the same time!" Of course, odds are that I'll be wrong, but still. Isn't it interesting that this thought is so firm in my head?


Laura said...

Tense- Nervous about getting Maze Runner. You're making me smile.

I mean, the entire rest of the world has to wait til October 6. OCTOBER 6!

The pressure's on. You'll be one of the first of thousands to read that book.

Brian said...

One more post!!!!