Friday, May 27, 2011

Mamma Mia Mayhem weekend

It's here. After months and months of rehearsal, we've finally reached the point of no return...

Tonight, Fri.: We put on our first show of the community play we've been helping kids rehearse for months, "Mamma Mia." Annette and I don't have parts. We're part of the backstage crew. We move sets and props around on-stage, which I guess is pretty exciting. ^,^ We also have to keep kids quiet in the wings (so the audience only hears the action on-stage), and make sure they don't miss their cues (because some of them still do. O,o Yep. And we've been rehearsing this since 2011 started.)

Hopefully the play will be a success, and we'll deserve the cast ice-cream social that will take place later.

Tomorrow/Day after, Sat./Sun.: Back-to-back dress rehearsals. Hopefully we won't make too many mistakes in tonight's show, but if we do, I hope it drives the kids to do much better in our second (and thankfully last!) show, which will be on...

Memorial Day, Mon.: This show will take place in the afternoon, instead of the evening. We'll have a slightly different cast, with older and different main actors, but the ensemble will be the same.

My brother, Adam, will be playing a lead role. Sam, one of the 3 fathers. ^_^ It's a big part with lots of lines and a couple songs for him to sing. I can't wait to see him rule the stage! I may be biased, being his sister, but I think he's one of the best performers in this play!

Later we'll celebrate the end of Mamma Mia with a cast pizza party. Yay!
So that is what's happening. 4 straight days of listening to ABBA songs, watching dance routines being performed and perfected, and switching heavy sets around. It will be crazy times...

I actually am split between being excited for and dreading this "Mamma Mia Mayhem" weekend. =P Well, it'll be over soon enough. Then it will be June, and I'll feel like my Summer will finally begin... and I'll need something else to fill my weekend!

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