Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jacoby!!!

Wow, I realize that I've never written a post celebrating my best blog friend's birthday before! That is such a crime! >_< After all, he's celebrated my birthday when I turned 18 and 19, so I ought to at least give him a shout-out for turning 20! ^,^
Look at him! Can you honestly believe that this guy is 20? Maybe it's the black-and-whiteness of it... but seriously, I think he can still pass for a teen. ^,~

Hang on to those beautiful eyes and charming smile, Jacoby. Keep up that young-at-heart spirit. And maybe use the black-and-white format more often, because you look particularly awesome in those kind of pictures! lol. ^_~

Hopefully you'll get my little "surprise" in the mail very soon! Until then, though, think of my call earlier this morning (I sang "Happy Birthday" to him) and this blog post as my presents to you.

Talk to you later! Hope this birthday was every bit as awesome as I know you are, my friend. ^_~
*Hugs!* Bettina.

PS: It won't be too long before I catch up with you! I'm so excited!!! ^_^

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J.N. Future Author said...

Aw thanks!!! ^.^

and thanks for the phone call!!! It was really awesome! I thought it was cool that you sang your family's special birthday song ^.^ Definitely something unique~!