Friday, May 20, 2011

must... stop... procrastinating!

A very charming charlieissocoollike video (yes, I still watch him. He is just so hilarious! ^_^) about the science behind procrastination. I saw this the other day, but actually procrastinated posting about it. lol! =P

But really, I think procrastination may be a real problem for me. I have mentioned this problem on my blog before, years ago. It's sad to see that I haven't been able to shake my habits in all that time. ~,~

A couple posts back, if you'll recall, I mentioned that the reason I've been oversleeping lately might be because I'm not excited to wake up. Well, on the one hand, it's hard to see how that's true. My week is pretty exciting:
  • Every week-day I help my family work on building up a very special website that will probably be released soon. (Maybe sometime I'll write a proper post to tell you guys about it!)
  • Every Tuesday I go to Toastmasters, to improve my public speaking/leadership skills. (Although this hasn't been much fun lately, because our day meetings haven't been well-attended lately, and our night meetings are now full of first-time members. We hardly have any veteran members left... ~,~)
  • Saturdays (and now Sundays!) my sister and I assist in rehearsals for our local community production of the play Mamma Mia at our Town Center. My brother Adam is one of the 3 dads. ^_^ Annette and my jobs include switching sets, getting props on stage, and making sure the kids don't miss their cues.
  • Today was a dress rehearsal, and we'll have another one tomorrow. Our first show is NEXT FRIDAY! And then we'll have the second show 3 DAYS LATER on Memorial day!!! Ahhhh! >,< Thankfully, we only do 2 shows, so after May, this will all be over. I can hardly wait...
On the other hand, I think I have an idea of what I've been missing so much lately...

Yes, I still want to be an author. Very much! It is such a huge dream of mine! But I haven't been proving that to myself recently, because I haven't written any great poems (except for greeting cards), or explored ideas for short stories, or worked on my big debut novel (which will NOT be about Imazia. I've given up on that...)

Well, at least I've started blogging a little more often. I've felt kinda guilty about procrastinating that. And now I've admitted that I have a problem. ^_^

I have a feeling that when Summer comes, I'll have a lot more free time for writing...

But one thing I will have to do very soon is quit playing Tetris Battle on Facebook. It is terribly addicting.
Just today I made it to Rank 41, which makes me "Superhuman"! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

*sigh* You see my problem, yes?

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J.N. Future Author said...

Procrastinating is fun! ^.~

That was a cool video by Charlie.

I know what you mean. I've procrastinated my writing a TON!!! If I want to be an author, I need to actually write a book!!! Something James Dashner said once is always very inspiring

"First, write a complete book that has an actual
ending. And don’t forget the beginning and middle parts,
too. I get approached by many aspiring writers who haven’t
even written a book yet. Can you imagine wanting to be a
published artist and never having done one painting? I
think once you’ve written one book, you’re on your way.
You’ll have confidence, you’ll get better, you’ll get
hungrier. Then just keep doing it, stay persistent, and
send out at least three queries a week until you get
published. Writer’s Market is a valuable book, which is
available in any library."