Friday, May 27, 2011

no more games!

At long last, I'm happy to say that I am forever done with these 2 games that consumed my hours on Facebook: Tetris Battle, and Hanjie.

I am the master of Tetris. I got to the highest rank there is, and that's rank 50: God of Tetris. ^_^ Problem is, it's lonely at the top. Once you get to rank 50, you can't go any higher. Oh, you could keep on playing, but you'll never go to rank 51, because that's where the road ends. Oh well, fine by me. Since I'm the best, I have no reason to play that game anymore! Yay!

As for Hanjie, I may not have solved all the puzzles available in the Facebook game, but my sister Annette did (good for her! ^,^). So they're all solvable. Which means, I could do them all if I set my mind to them, but I don't feel like it.

These apps have been removed from my Facebook, never to bother me again. ^_^ I'm so proud of myself.
On another note, it's Chris Colfer's (Kurt Hummel on Glee) 21'st birthday! Yay!
You wanna know something interesting? On Facebook, it seems as if I have one friend who is friends with Chris Colfer! O_o I don't know how that is... but awesome! One degree of separation from one of my favorite TV actors!

Even though I don't know him personally, I tried seeing if I could "friend" Chris myself, but I got a message saying he already has too many friend requests. =P lol! Yeah, I'm sure all the gleeks want to be his friend. ^,^ Ah well. Still love him anyway!


J.N. Future Author said...

Its funny you say no more games! I have promised myself that I won't play any games like that over the summer. So far I've done well. Every so often there is a slip up, but I don't really mind.

Ah, Chris Colfer. #1 hottie of the world ^.^ I need to write my own post for him

Deb said...

Very wise to stop with the games. I don't play them either...such a time vortex!