Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring forward, Fall back

So much has been going on the last couple weeks, though it's too late right now for me to discuss them. I just thought I'd share a tip with about remembering how to handle Daylight Savings time:

Spring forward, Fall back.

I remember that for the longest time, I didn't know when to add an hour or take off an hour on which day. But now I know that in March, you put the clocks forward an hour.

Which means that it's now 2 in the morning instead of 1 in the morning. O_0

I am a silly vampire girl! Rawr!

Nah, seriously. Tonight's Saturday Night Live was pretty awesome. I'm too tired to say any more, so I'll catch you guys later. G'night!

1 comment:

S.L. Bookworm said...

I always like to stay up until the hour the clocks change. Then it can't take me by surprise. :)