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So last night I was having lots of fun on the Open Forum of Go!A (see my last post. ^_~) when I noticed the "top" topic, the thread most recently updated at the time, which was titled "Roleplay".

I clicked it, saw what it was about and, for the next hour or 2, was part of a totally awesome and epic virtual adventure!!! It was sooooooo much fun! I'm not kidding! It's like we were all collaborating on a killer short-story.

I've never done a roleplay before, but you'd probably never have guessed it from looking at this thread. ^_^ I've gotten the permission of both my new friends to post this, so without further ado, here is our adventure!

(If you want to see the raw, true, unedited and unformatted thread, then click this link: Roleplay, 3/29/2011. It'll take you to the full Go!A topic that I participated in.)
The characters, in order of appearance:
3:Kismet Jones (This is me! ^_^)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our story begins! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kitten:Okay, so I'm bored. You can make a character and do whatever you wish.
Name: Kira
Looks like: My picture
*Sits quietly on the grass at a local park, holding teddy bear to chest*
*Gazes up at the stars and sighs* So lonely.... 0.0
Gary:Name: Domo (TV News Version)
Looks like: My profile picture
Domo: Today in the news is a 50% chance of rain coming. So you better get your umbrella folks and will tune in with the weather!
Kitten:*Sighs and plays with teddy bear*
Gary:*thunder crackles*
Domo: Well, now it's a 100% percent chance of rain. And it's raining right now! We'll be back after this commercial. *commercial starts*
Kitten:*Watches the rain pour down*
Gary:Domo: We are back. We have some hard wind today. And that's our news for today. See you next time!
*news are over*
*domo goes outside and walks on sidewalk*
Kitten:*Starts thinking and sneezes*
Kismet Jones:Name: Maj (short for either Majik or Majenta)
Looks like: my picture/ the character Maximum Ride from James Patterson's hit series
*flies down, lands next to you on park bench, dripping wet*
Hey Kira! what's up? a little birdy told me you were feeling bored?
Kitten:Oh hehe hi Maj. I am very bored.
*Pokes arm*
Kismet Jones:
*shakes wings off to dry*
boy, I didn't realize how stormy it would be tonight! sorry I took so long...
Kitten:I don't mind. Maybe we should get to some shelter?
*Jumps up and holds teddy bear tight*
I have nu idea where to go though...
Kismet Jones:How's teddy doing? he didn't get wet, did he?
*pokes bear*
Gary:Domo: Hello Maj and Kira. Did you see the news today?
Kitten:Oh uh she did get wet but she'll be fine. I call her Kookie.
*Fiddles with white ribbon on the snow white teddy bear*
Gary:Domo: *sees Mr. Usaji* Hi Mr. Usaji!!
Mr. Usaji: Hello, Domo.
Kitten:I didn't see the news, sorry uh domo.
Nyuu *Turns red and sneezes* >w<
*Walks to a small cabin off into the woods and goes in*
*Dries off with towel*
Gary:Domo: Ok.
Mr. Usaji: Domo, how has been your day working at the news?
Domo: Pretty good I say.
Kitten:*Dries off Kookie and sets her down on the sofa*
*Sits on bed and stares out window*
Kismet Jones:whoops. 0_o sorry Kookie.
*pats bear on her head*
yo Domo. I wish I'd seen the weather earlier. I wouldn't have risked flying if I'd known... oh no! Kira's got a cold! >,<
Kitten:*Takes out orange bow and lets long hair flow down. Brown kitty ears and tail appear*
>3< *Sneezes* I wonder if Maj is guna find my little cabin 030
Kismet Jones:I heard that sneeze from a mile off. ^_~ you hungry?
*hands bowl of chicken soup*
Gary: I just realized it's time for my cooking show!
*cooking show starts*
Welcome to cooking with Domo where we will cook delicious recipes!
Kitten:*Takes chicken soup and sets it down on the table*
Thank you, but I nu hungry.
*Hugz Maj* :3
Gary:Today we be making fried potatoes with onions and cabbage. So, let's get started!
Kitten:*Sighs and lays down on bed*
*Pulls covers over myself and snuggles with my pet Moona*
(Moona: A small, gray wolf pup.)
Kismet Jones:*hugs back*
^_^ want some company? we can watch Domo's cooking show.
Kitten:*Gets licked by Moona and giggles*
*Sneezes and blushes* Stupid sneezing >3< I'd like company, I don't mind what we do.
*Pats Moona's head and gets up*
*Goes to living room and sits on sofa*
*Turns on T.V.*
Kismet Jones:ahhhh! get of me, Moona!
*Moona attacks me with wolf kisses*
Hahahahaha! ^_^ man, affectionate pup you got
Kitten:Hehe Moona loves people :3
~A loud thud comes from my bedroom~
Nyu, what was that?
*Gets up and walks to door*
*Peers into room*
Nothing??? Maybe I’m going insane...
Kismet Jones:What on earth was that noise?
*stands up, super alert, ready for action*
Kitten:~Another thud comes from bathroom~ Stupid
*Walks to door, gets pulled in*
*Door slams shut and locks behind me*
*Screams and looks around in the darkness*
~A cold laugh echoes in the room~
Kismet Jones:Kira!!!
*flies in an instant to bathroom door*
*tugs doorknob*
Kira?! What's happening? are you okay?! the dang door won't open! nooooo! >,<
Kitten:Mysterious guy: Kira, shush! Jeez! No need to scream..
Kira: Eh, who are you? And pulling me into a dark bathroom doesn't help. Thats kinda my reaction dummy. Gosh!
Mysterious guy: Call me Drake...
Kira: Uh why are you like in my cabin? *Feels blade at neck*
Kismet Jones:*gasp* 0,0
*whispers to self* oh no, not Drake...!
*yells* you get away from Kira, Drake! Don't you dare hurt her! I'll set Moona on you, I swear!
(She can go through locked doors and rip bad guys to pieces.)
Gary:This show will now be over because Drake is here.
*TV turns off*
Kitten:Drake: I've come to take you to your father.
Kira: Nu, you never will! I won't be beat by him anymore!
*Pushes blade away and pushes light switch*
*Stares at the handsome boy in shock*
*He had brown shaggy hair and staggering orange eyes. His skin was tan and he was tall*
Drake:*Grabs Kira's arm and disappears with her*
Kira: H-hey where am I?
*Glances around*
*My wrists and ankles were chained to a stone wall. The room was empty*
*Shivers in fear*
Maj!? Hello??
~Voices came from the metal door across the room~
*Suddenly, the room went pitch black*
*Something cuts open my leg*
*Falls to knees*
Owwie! Wtf!
*Something stabs my side*
*Screams in pain* Maj!
*Lights turn back on*
*No one is in sight*
~Voices talk in my head~ Shut up shut up shut up!
*Tears pour out of eyes*
*Yanks and pulls, trying to break restraints*
Kismet Jones:Kira?? Where'd you go? please say something!
*flies real fast, knocks door down with a painful, heavy thunk*
*looks around in horror at empty bathroom*
Kira! No, she's gone! Noooooo! !,! dang you, Drake. dang you to h-e- double hockey stick. >,<
Kitten:Let me go!
*Keeps pulling*
*Tries to ignore blood puddle beneath my knees*
*Looks down and stares at wound*
Holy shi-- shizzlez!
Kismet Jones:I've gotta find her before he does something terrible to her... or maybe he already has! 0,0
*grabs Kookie desperately*
Can you tell me what's happening to Kira? Where is she?!
Kitten:Maj! Domo?! Anyone!? Where the he-- heck am I????
*A figure cloaked in black strides into the room*
Person: Hello hello, Kira. How have you been? You look wonderful right now. *Laughs*
Kira: Let me go you, you butt head!
Gary:(in mustache/disguise): *deep voice* Ummm... Drake, you have a package at your house.
Kitten:Person: Call me Ouran, remember me? I'm your fathers assistant. *Pulls out a leather whip*
Kira: *Watches him in horror*
*Stands up and yelps in pain*
*Slowly backs up until against the wall*
Kismet Jones:*teddy's button eyes start glowing an eerie, magical blue*
*magic blue energy surrounds me*
Thanks Kookie bear. Now take me to her. Before it's too late...
Gary:(still in disguise): *deep voice* Drake, I will give you coupons for free food at the grocery store.
Kitten:*Drake walks into the room and stands beside Ouran.*
Ouran: Would you like to do the work? Or shall I have the pleasure?
*Drake watches Kira with a bit of sadness and walks out*
Ouran: Well that answers that. *Steps towards Kira*
Gary:The Mayor: Ok, what is going on here?
Kitten:Kira: *Shivers*
Ouran: *Thrashes the whip violently through the air, hitting Kira on the tummy*
Kira: *Falls to the ground*
Ouran: Thats right, fall little girl.
Gary:Mayor: *starts getting frustrated* That is abuse!
*police, swat and army come*
Kitten:Kira: You'll never get what you're searching for.
Ouran: Where's Moona, and where's the key?! Or I'll keep hurting you!
Kira: Screw you, beat me all you wish!
Ouran: As you please. *Over and over he strikes Kira everywhere*
Kira: *Cries in pain*
*Blood pours out of the injuries*
Kismet Jones:*zaps right into dungeon place, next to Drake*
Drake! >,<
*throws punches at him*
What have you done with Kira? You better talk, buddy, or I swear...
Drake: stop, stop, have mercy! It's not my fault. Ouran would have killed me if I didn't do what he asked. >,<
Gary:*police hit Drake with batons*
Kismet Jones: Me: Yeah? Well, I'll kill you if you don't do what *I* say. Help me rescue Kira!

(I dropped out of the roleplay for several minutes here, because my sister Annette wanted to see what I was doing, so I went to the top of the thread and showed her the whole thing up 'til now. =P)

Kitten:Drake: Maj, Kira is in the cellar go to the dungeon. I can't do anything or I'll die... I have a curse which makes me do everything Ouran says or this blade goes through my heart.
*Shows Maj black rose blade*
Kira: *Stands up shaking*
Gary:Daffy Duck: Drake is despicable, and he is despicable!
*spits at Drake*
Kitten:Drake: Otherwise, I wouldn't have done something so cruel... Kira is... special to me is all I can say. *Disappears*
Ouran: You little witch! Tell me!
Kira: Nuuuu! Maj will come save me!
Ouran: *Stabs Kira in the chest*
Kira: *Everything suddenly goes into slow motion*
*I can hear my hear beating loud and stopping slowly*
*Falls to knees*
*Whispers* Maj... Take me somewhere safe...Keep Moona out of Ourans reach...
*spits on everyone!*
HA HA HA!!!!
*jumps out of window yelling*
Gary:Daffy Duck: *acts like a machine gun and spits repeatedly at Drake and Ouran*

(Now I come back into the story. ^_^)

Kismet Jones:*forces open heavy dungeon door*
Kira? *sees still body on stone floor* 0,0 no.... KIRA!!!! !,!
Gary:Domo: What the heck is going on here?
Kitten:*Breathing very little, but still passed out*
Kismet Jones:Me: wait, that's not Kira...
Kira: no, I'm Kira's spirit.
Me: omg, Kira. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you in time. please forgive me. please... ~,~
Gary: Wow, this is a tragic moment. :*(
Kitten:*Opens eyes and hyperventilates*
*Looks around for Maj*
Maj!!! Owwie! Help me >3<
Kismet Jones:Kira: it's okay. I'm still alive. but only just. I'm at the hospital.
Me: right. I'm there!
*flies out the window as fast as possible to hospital*
Kitten:*Looks around, suddenly in a hospital room*
Whoa I'm confused now!
Kismet Jones:*holds Kira's hand*
It's gonna be okay, my friend. You'll get through this. I promise. !,!
Gary: *gives Kira some health potions*
Kitten:*Looks at Maj* Oh hi 030 Who got me here again? Am I alive or is this a dream???
*Looks at domo* Hello hello nyuuu I'm confused and in so much pain X w X
Gary:Mr. Usaji: DOMO!!! I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU!!! >:O
Kismet Jones:I don't know how you got here. but I'm glad you're safe now. I'm so so so sorry for not being there in time. I'll never forgive myself. >,< Or that dang Drake...
Kitten:Hahaha Drake XD I dunno why thats so funny. Maybe my brain has gone looney tuned 0w0 >3<
*Giggles and kitty ears and tail appear*
*Purrs* :F
Gary:Domo: What happened to Kira?
*Eyes go feline*
Where???!! Maj?! Nyuuu!!!! I want my Moona and Kookie!! >3<
Kismet Jones:shhh, don't get excited now. You just need to rest. Calm down, calm down. hush... I'll go back to the cabin and take care of Moona and Kookie for you. Don't worry, you'll be safe here. Just keep healing, okay?
*steps out of roleplay*
hey Kitten, sorry, but I've really got to go to sleep now. for realz. you'll have to finish this adventure without me... This was tons and tons of fun though! ^_^ I've never been in such an exciting role-play before! thanks. ~ Kismet
Kitten: *Out of rp*
Lol yay :3 was fun >:D Well nitey-nite kismet. Thank you for joining! It won't be fun without you so I’m gonna go too... ^^

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