Monday, March 14, 2011

Pop-Sci and the new Blogger!!!

OMG!!!!! We got 2 very exciting magazines! ^_^ A double dose of Popular Science! Yaaaay!!! Just check them out!
I remember for a several months in the past, just a couple years back, maybe, my dad would get these magazines, and I always loved checking out "the Future... Now!" ^_^ My sibs and I gobbled these things up, and one of the issues, all about robotics, gave me the inspiration for a couple of my stories... ^,~

Then, for some reason, we stopped subscribing to them. Which was sad... ~_~

But now we've decided to subscribe to them again!!! Yay! I'm so happy! ^___^

I have just skimmed through the pictures of the first magazine, the March issue. It was sooo awesome! It's main article (as shown on the cover) is how humans will live/travel in outer-space. But it's even more amazing, because it reminds me so much of the plot of a novel I read a couple weeks ago, Across the Universe. I can't wait to read the whole article! ^_^

And I haven't skimmed through the April issue yet, but I plan to very soon. It should be fantastic. Whoo!!! ^_^
In other news, I saw this today in Blogger's own blog, "Blogger Buzz"!
It is unbelievably awesome!
It is only fair for me to let you know... just so you're properly warned... that they are planning to unleash a BRAND NEW USER INTERFACE!!! O_o The way people write blogs and navigate their dashboards is going to change! Completely!!!

If you are attached to the way things look now, then you better appreciate it more than ever, and start saying your goodbyes. =P

I'm not sure when it will happen (another week? another month? I have no idea! I hope it's not too much of a surprise!), or how much better it will be than the current interface. But it does look really modern, sleek and convenient... I hope the Blogger team knows what it's doing.

So now you know! ^_^

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Rainy said...

I used to love the Highlights mags as a kid, and then the National Geographic ones more than that.

Do we have to say the old dash is dying? Can't we just say it's getting an identity change or something?

I read your other post, and I have to agree with Jacoby on this: READ MAXIMUM RIDE. I used to love those books back in middle school. I'm not too sure of the latter books (personally I'm disappointed in them), but the first 3 were pure GOLD and totally worth reading.