Friday, March 25, 2011


In this post, I'd like to tell you guys about an AWESOME new website I've discovered recently. It is called...
I found out about it when I went on YouTube the other day, looking for a playlist I wanted to listen to, and they were advertising a couple movie-making websites that I suppose they supported. (See this link.) There was Stupeflix, a fancy-shmancy montage creator, XtraNormal, a text-to-speech CGI short-film maker (I've tried it before. The choices are limited, the animation is terrible, and I do not like the text-to-speech voices. >,<), and last but not least, Go!Animate.

Go!Animate is a free website... I repeat, FREE... that allows you to make your own animated cartoons without you having to draw a thing. They supply an enormous array of characters that will do just about anything you want them to, as well as hundreds of backgrounds, props, special effects, even music, and YOU get to bring them all to life. You can even create your own custom characters!

You're probably thinking, "No way. There's gotta be a catch. It sounds too good to be true." Well I'm here to tell you that you don't have to pay a penny to join this site and become an amateur animator. I joined Go!Animate, and I've gotten SOOO much value in becoming a part of it.

Please, observe my first 2 creations, which are both around half a minute long. (Go ahead, you can laugh at them. They aren't much, but I think they're not half-bad for my first short films. ^_^)

Kismet Intro

Also, check out my first custom character! ^_^
You like her? I based her a bit on Maximum Ride. (See previous post for my growing James Patterson obsession.) I call her Maj. It sounds like Max, but it's short for Majik. ^_~

So what are you waiting for?! Make your own funny cartoon today! GO ANIMATE!


Rainy said...

The first one.


Boy: *freaking out*
"What's going on?!"

Girl: *all chill* "Relax. It's only a movie."

*cue clapping people popping up out of thin air*

I like this. You should take your bread short-story and make it into a movie, if possible! That would be so awesome!! How long did it take you?

Magenta said...

Thanks Rainy. ^_^

I've definitely thought about making that story into a cartoon. I can try. We'll see. ^,~

Both cartoons took roughly an hour or two to make. Only because I'm a perfectionist.

J.N. Future Author said...

haha! ^.^ Thats so awesome!

The second one was sweet, but the first was my favorite!