Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dr. Seuss and James Patterson reviews

Recently, my sibs and I have fallen into a Dr. Seuss phase. Seeing old cartoons, reading the books... oh, it brings back childhood memories. ^_^ Even though I know how the stories go, they still make me smile. They are that timeless!

Just going over the stories again, you realize that it wasn't all nonsense, silly-named creatures and clever rhymes. There were also some strong life-lessons to be learned, and important themes to be tackled. Dr. Seuss isn't just for the young. They're also for the young at heart.
Believe it or not, I drew this. Yep. ^_^ I used the Graffiti app on Facebook. Isn't it awesome?
For more mature readers, though, I've got another fabulous title to recommend. ^_~
Believe it or not, before this book, I had never read James Patterson before. Sunday at Tiffany's was the perfect novel to break the ice. What a first impression!

Basically, a woman runs into her old imaginary friend, who had to leave her when she was 9 years old, and they both fall in love. Hmm... that actually sounds a little weird, falling in love with your imaginary friend. O,o But trust me, it's a really beautiful romance. The characters were awesome, and the chapters were really short, like 2 or 3 pages per, so it makes for much, much page-turning action. It was nearly impossible to put down.

I think I have a new favorite author. ^_^
Now I've started this book, which has some romance in it, but also a lot of psych-thriller, so it's really exciting. I'm not finished with it yet, but it promises to be just as good as Sunday at Tiffany's. ^_^


J.N. Future Author said...


you have never read James Patterson!?!?!?!!?

How can this be!?!?

none of his books can hold a candle to his Maximum Ride series. That is a seriously good book!

and your in luck! the last one, book 7, came out a few weeks ago. so the series is complete ^.^

I would recommend that series!

S.L. Bookworm said...

Don't tell anyone, but I haven't read any James Patterson either! Let me know what I should start with. :)

Magenta said...

@Jacoby ~ Hahaha, yes, it's true. ^,^ I never read James Patterson before now. I kind of knew about Patterson and how he wrote dozens and dozens of books, but since a lot of them are mystery and horror, I figured I wouldn't go for them... same reason that I've never been interested in reading Stephen King...

(I know, I know! I must have committed another terrible literary sin by NOT reading Stephen King's books! >_< But hey, I've seen a couple movies based on his books. Does that count?)

I remember checking out a graphic novel of Maximum Ride, but it didn't hold my interest. Maybe the actual book will be much better...

So yeah, I promise to look into it. ^_~

@S.L. Bookworm ~ OMG, you should totally read Sunday at Tiffany's! I know you'd love love LOVE it! ^_^