Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Late into the night... is finally getting good now! YES! ^_^

I finally bought stuff in Diagon Alley (including a Tabby cat to be my pet!), my wand "chose" me, and I got sorted into a Hogwarts house! *sing-songy voice* And guess which house I'm in?!
That's right! GRYFFINDOR, baby!!!

I'm sad that I couldn't join Rainy in Ravenclaw (I believe that's where she is). =( But maybe sometime we can have a wizard duel or something, eh? ^,~

I know it's really late... like, I'm playing this in the middle of the night right now, that's how late it is!... but the site stopped crashing so much, since it's night. And I couldn't sleep anyway! Anyway, I'm pretty psyched. ^_^ I've already practiced a couple of spells (press keys in certain sequence) and right now I'm going to learn how to brew a potion! Whoo!

I'm finally beginning to understand what makes this site fun. It's part reading and learning very interesting stuff from JKR herself, but it's also decently interactive. Mostly you search and collect items, like potion ingredients, books, galleons (I love finding money!), and other interesting quirky objects, but you are also able to practice spells, brew cauldrons, and have wizard duels with friends. (I'm still unsure how friend interaction really works... they really shouldn't be called friends. More like classmates.)

So yeah, if anyone decides to join up for Pottermore when it releases to the general public in October, keep in mind that you have to be very patient. After Chapter 5, however, the experience gets a lot more fun, I promise.

(btw, I was stuck on Chap. 5 for a long time, because I was using our iPad, but it's best when you use a computer to explore this site. Trust me.)

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Rainy said...

What, so this means we have to go against each other?! Ayeeee, too bad. Ravenclaw is the house to be in as of now ;)

Last time I checked, the wizard duel was going through some updates, so I never got around to trying it :/

Since we're the beta witches (trololol) and since the site hasn't opened to everyone just yet, Pottermore has been doing a lot of updating lately. It is kind of disappointing at how we really can't interact much, but at least we can stalk each others points ;) I'm guessing it'll get better as we move forward deep deeper deeperer into the books. More interesting, at least. With lots of background information. And details.

Hopefully the site isn't crashed right now. I'll go accept your request; I haven't been around Pottermore much because of muggle school :/ So far I've only added people I know, so else my gateway wouldn't end up too crowded.