Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toy Story 3 rocks harder!!!

Dragons may be cool, but toys are awesome! Especially these toys right here. Why, you may ask? Because they've been around since I was a kid, that's why! ^_^

This movie was really exciting for my siblings and me. We were looking forward to seeing it for weeks and weeks, seeing sneak previews on YouTube. Finally we were able to see it yesterday, just the day after it came out. (Adam my brother wanted to catch it ON the day, but we knew there would be a long line for it, so we waited.)

First off, the previews were pretty awesome. We saw one for the new Narnia movie, Dawn Treader (looks like it'll be a good one), Mega-Mind ( reminds me of Monsters vs Aliens too much, I think), Despicable Me (might be funny. Might) and Tangled, the new Disney movie about Rapunzel (now that looks like a movie to see. The prince is really handsome, like a 3-D Aladdin. ^_^ And that girl's loooooong hair is wild!)

Pixar always begins with a cute short-film before the main movie, and I believe that this short had the greatest story, the greatest characters, the greatest music, the greatest effects, the greatest message, and was simply the best ever!!! And this is all before Toy Story 3! I know this is a lot to say for one short, but trust me, it was that good! It was called Day & Night, and it was really funny, clever, simple, sweet, and moving. It's just 2 characters interacting with each other, neither saying anything, just making funny sound effects. It's so weird. The characters may look 2-D, but inside them, the scenery is classic Pixar. I loved it.

Alright, now I would love to rant and rave about how awesome the 3rd Toy Story was, but I have no idea who's seen it or who hasn't yet, and I'm afraid that I'll reveal too many spoilers with my rantings. That means I'll have to control myself... But who can control themselves after seeing such an awesome, hilarious, epic, tear-jerking, hang-on-the-edge-of-your-theater-seat-til-the-very-end movie, I ask???

So many favorite parts, I can't even begin to list them! (And I won't, because I might spoil something.) So many new and colorful characters, in addition to our favorite heroes. Isn't it amazing, how Pixar seems to have planned it all out? Andy is all grown up (he actually looks cute 0,o), off to college at 17, and all the kids who saw the original Toy Story in 1995 are all grown up too! Think about it, this was the first ever computer animated feature-length film! It had a great story and memorable, lovable characters. The sequel was just as good, if not better, than the first. And now, more than a decade later, they prove that this story is still incredibly awesome!!!

I knew I would love Toy Story 3, but I had no idea just how much! Honestly, by the credits, all three of us, Adam, my twin Annette and I, WERE IN TEARS! There is something so powerful and sentimental about the ending that just gets you *sniff* right here --> ♥. ~,~ Because it comes completely full circle. And... and it's just so happy and sad at the same time! >,< *sobs*

You have got to see this movie!!!

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