Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just some blog news

Since yesterday (June 24th), I've been going back through all my old posts (yes, every single one) and cleaning house a little. Adding paragraphs so the post is a bit more readable, reorganizing the pictures a little, putting in pictures where the space is now blank (you know, when the picture is no longer available online?), giving the posts labels for my own organizational purposes... Don't worry, I'm not touching any of the main content of the posts. I may be cleaning them up, making them look prettier, but I am not rewriting my past.

It may seem a little pointless, but I still feel good about it. It's so cool just to look back and see what I used to write about. You know, I've been a blogger for over a year and a half? It's simply amazing. ^_^

I also wanted to mention that I've made a new friend on Blogger. He followed me, so now I'm following him. He's only starting out, but I think his blog, Uber Nerd, looks pretty cool. ^_~

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