Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Halfway done!

I haven't written a lot about Toastmasters, but today is really exciting. I gave my 5th speech ever! In order to complete my manual, I need to give 10 speeches, so I'm halfway through. ^_^ That's pretty exciting for me.

The project of Speech #5 is to focus on your body language. I got inspired for my topic from a really funny story I heard while witnessing the final hours of the record-breaking speech-a-thon. I hope you will enjoy this video of me giving the speech. I won the trophy for best speaker... by a landslide! The audience must've been pretty entertained. ^_^ Hopefully you will be too.

Do you want to know what that sound was???
Sorry, I can't tell you, because... NONE OF YOU ARE MONKS!!! Ha ha! ^_~
Yeah, the movie isn't complete because it ran out of battery just at the wrong moment. *facepalm* But maybe it's better this way. (For one thing, it forces you to watch the movie. Otherwise, the punchline would make absolutely no sense at all!)

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