Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fun in the rain

About a week after coming home from our Israel trip (I'd like to talk about that sometime soon), the days are slowly becoming routine and normal again.

Today was pretty special, though. It's been very stormy today, with pelting rain and some lightening. When it started out, Annette and I had the idea of taking our cockatiels, Sasha and Sammy, out for a little birdy shower on our porch.

They loved it and had SO much fun, as you can see from these pictures. Sasha (bird on the right) especially went wild for being wet.

The day we brought our birds home from our friend Mikita's, (May 28) they both tried something they'd never done before: take a bird bath. We gave them a big bowl so they had more space to splash, but they seemed to prefer their water dish.

This is also the first time we replaced the regular audio in the video with music. ^_^ Below are the two videos we took of them today, with mood music added.


Rainy said...

It's been so rainy lately, hasn't it?
I'm not able to turn on the sound right now, but I saw the video!

J.N. Future Author said...

Birds! ^.^

I love the rain!