Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hel-LOOOOOO, good old familiar!!!

Whoo-hooo! Hi everybody! It's me! I'm back! Oh man, is it good to be posting on this blog again! Yes, I am using a lot of exclamation points, but only because I'm so excited to be home again!

I got home from the airport really late yesterday, so I didn't blog then. I was too happy spending time with my parents and brother again. Even though it was past 11:00, they'd prepared a nice home-cooked meal for us that was delicious! And then we showed Adam a couple cool Animaniacs clips that he hadn't seen before, and then it was almost 1:00 in the morning, so we called it a night.

Oh, how nice it was to sleep in my own bed! (Not that sleeping with my sister all those nights was bad at all, I liked it. But, you know, to curl up in the bed you're most familiar with, with oh-so-familiar surroundings? Ahhh. ^,^)

Yes, I know, you all must be very happy to hear from me again! Well, I'm very excited to be back. I bet you want to know every detail about what happened to me on my Boston trip, eh? Well, I put it on my last post, but here is the official link to my Travel Journal, where I wrote pretty much every single event that occurred to me.

If you happen to read all the way to the end (and I will be ultra impressed if you do that in one sitting! Not that you have to, but I would be impressed!), you might notice that I've still missed a few days. Don't worry, I'm working on it.

Oh, just so happy! ^__^


Anonymous said...

How neat to do a travel journal! I'll have to check that out later! And yes--welcome back! =D Have fun!

J.N. Future Author said...

Wow, now that I'm back too I need to read your blog, and write in my own ^.^