Monday, July 13, 2009

Suspense... is... killing me!!!

I have a feeling I'm not alone on this one! But particularly last night I had a binge on Harry Potter 6 trailers. It's Harry Potter weekend, so while my brother watched the old movies on TV, he'd sometimes call out to Annette and I that "It's Harry!", meaning there was a new sneak peek of the 6th movie with interviewing the actors or something, and we'd come running like bullets to catch it. Everything was so cool!

I think this movie has been the most hyped up HP film ever! Not without good reason. Why did it have to be delayed for more than half a year? Oh, but those trailers sure make it look like it is worth the wait. I tell you, I'm going to see it the very day it comes out! July 15th! That's two days away! I am super excited.

It certainly didn't help that I later went on YouTube and saw a few HP6 TV spots. They're only half a minute long, but they tell so much about the movie that it makes you beg for the real thing even more! Ooh, I wish I had James Dashner's will power. He abstains from watching movie previews. Hmm... there's something to think about. Will Dashner go to see Harry Potter the day it comes out? If so, what will he say about it?

Oh, never mind.
I have to get Harry out of my head for a couple days. Umm... Ah! I should write in my story! Ha ha. You know, recently I've had an idea for a character change? I have a mole in the story, Diggory (Do any of you remember when I did that post about Imazian characters?), and I'm thinking I'm going to transform Diggory into a badger. No, not in the story. I'll change him for the story. I think it's a pretty smart move. I learned about badgers on Wikipedia. They're pretty cool creatures when you read up about them.

Catch you later!

(Oh, and btw: my Travel Journal is finally completed! Check it out.)


Brian said...

I can't wait for the new movie!!!!!! I'm trying to convince my dad to take me to the midnight showing. I know, I'm such a geek.

Laura said...

I've been trying to figure out how to squeeze Harry Potter into my weekend. So worth it!

Magenta said...

OMG! I can't believe it! I just commented you several minutes ago! (What feels like it, anyway. Maybe it was more.)

Anyone else who comments, meet Laura. She's a hyped-up new author who wrote a book called Alvor. She's got a sequel in the making, too. You guys should definitely check out her blog and keep a look out for her book, because that's what I'm going to do. ^,^

Gah, so happy! I'm always so excited when I get a comment from a published author! For those who don't keep track, I've already recieved comments from Kaza Kingsley of Erec Rex fame (except that's from my book blog) and the husband of Wings author Aprilynne Pike, Kenny (though since he's only the husband, I wonder if he counts.)

Sorry for this post-long comment on my own blog. But I'm also excited that Laura also quickly replied to the comment I put on her blog, and she said "Sign of a writer... really long posts." I mean, wow! I'm off to get back to her now.