Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lots of stuff

I haven't posted in such a long time, it's crazy. I don't know why I haven't made the time to blog until now. I hope this makes up for me missing a lot.
  • My birthday is in exactly 6 weeks, as you can probably see from my little countdown clock. I'll be turning 18 on September 7th. Can you imagine? I'm going to be a legal adult for the rest of my life! Yipee! *partyparty* Oh, but you know, when I stop and think about it, it's actually a pretty sobering thought as well as a happy one. Because, well... My official childhood will be behind me. I'm never going to be a kid again. Except in my imagination, of course. I always want to keep the heart of a child.

  • I should have written about it last week, but on Tuesday the 21st, Annette and I joined our mom and brother for a homeschooling meeting at our library, to meet some new families that would be joining our group. There were 2 families, and one of them had a 16-year-old daughter, Abi (short for Abigail. I think that's how it spells. Oh well, Abi is easier). After some awkward starts, me, my twin and Abi got into a good groove of conversation. We talked about movies we liked, our interests, (She likes to draw and write, a combination of both Annette and my talents! Fascinating) and other stuff. She seems like a good new friend. Now I'll have a reason to go to more homeschool meetings, if she's there.

  • Somewhere in our talk about movies, Abi told us about this cool website called TV Tropes. We'd never heard about it before, and she tried explaining what a "trope" actually was, but it's hard to describe. Now that I've checked it out a few times, I can hardly blame her. Here's the link: Just make sure you've got a lot of time on your hands before you check this site out. It's almost more fun than exploring Wikipedia. Just type Harry Potter or something in the search box, and you'll see what I mean. You might even get hooked on it, like I did!

  • Last night my sibs and I finished watching the entire 2nd volumes out of the 3 Animaniacs DVD sets we borrowed from the library. Each volume has 5 discs in it, and each disc contains 5 zany episodes. Can you do the math? Well, I'll do it for you anyway. It means 50 episodes down, 25 to go. I'm loving this. This is just like the time my sibs and I got into seeing the entire 9 seasons of Seinfeld. The only difference is that Seinfeld was a live action show focusing on 4 characters, and Animaniacs was variety show of different, hilarious, semi-regular cartoon segments. The sad thing is that only 75 episodes are on DVD, and there were 99 episodes in the whole show. No one's made a Animaniacs Volume 4 yet. I hope they do.

  • The other week my family wanted to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (I wasn't all that into it, because I've heard from various reviews that it's not all that), but it got sold out, so we had to see another movie. We watched My Life in Ruins, which is a romantic comedy about a tour guide in Greece leading a weird group of tourists who, quoting the Wikipedia article, "would rather buy a T-shirt than learn about Greece's history and culture". Everything seems to go wrong, but eventually the tour guide gets a new outlook on life and starts having a lot more fun with her group. I really thought it was a good film, considering that it wasn't what we expected to see in the theater.

  • Unfortunately, I haven't been working a lot in my story this week. Something I should work on rectifying. My book is certainly not going to write or publish itself. (Oh, if only that could happen.)

  • Last night, instead of going to the beach like we usually do, my dad treated us and we went to my all-time favorite restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes. Over the years, this has grown to be the site of many a birthday celebration or other special occasion. It's fun when we go for no particular reason at all, though. After everyone was finished eating, we went to Barnes and Nobles, where I was finally able to find James Dashner's awesome book, Hunt for Dark Infinity! I haven't been able to read it since Annette and I came back from Boston. For some reason, I can never find it in Borders, which I go to much more often. So I definitely enjoyed reading a few extra chapters. I think on Wednesday I'll go with my mom so she can drop me off at B & N while she shops at our Farmer's Market. I hope to finish it soon!
Okay, I promise that after this I will be much more diligent about blogging. Writing these long, general posts is pretty tiring! ~_~


Deb said...

Congratulations on winning an ARC of Maze Runner. You are going to love it!

Q said...

I am jealous. Now you and Jacoby will have read The Maze Runner. Sigh.

J.N. Future Author said...

that sounds like fun! ^.^ I never watched much of the animaniacs ^.^ Maybe I should have...

Sweet Tomatos? I think there is one in Utah....maybe I will have to go there sometime! ^.^

Brian said...

I agree with Q. I feel left out. Now you both know what happens and I haven't the faintest clue!